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Top 5 Reasons to Rent a Car for Your Dream Vacation

On your dream holiday, you do not want to struggle with anything, least of all the way you travel. Rather, you want things to be as smooth and comfortable as possible. A rental car in Dubai can help you with that as we point out below.

Comfortable Ambiance

Dubai in particular is known for its hot weather much of the year. Any other mode of transport – even taxis, you will have to deal with the hot weather there. In comparison, once you have your rental car with you, it will be at your disposal at all times to ferry you comfortably wherever and whenever you may choose to go.

An Enclosed Personal Space

Many couples come to Dubai for their honeymoon. Others simply come to spend some leisurely time together. A rental car provides an ideal enclosed space where couples can be together comfortably and create their own personal space. For many folks coming to Dubai, this is a major reason for which they opt for rental cars.

Affordable Car Rental Options with Ample Variety

An aspect especially relevant to Dubai is the wide variety of rental cars on offer, that too at really affordable prices. For visitors to Dubai on a vacation, it proves to be a huge draw since they can rent beautiful cars at down to Earth prices without spoiling their budget. Of special note would be the variety of vehicles that one can rent in Dubai, rarely seen in practically any other part of the world.

Travel Together

Families vacationing together want to travel together and not be separated while traveling. Taxis invariably have limits on the number of passengers they can accommodate. A rental car on the other hand can be chosen in such a way that it comfortably accommodates every member of the traveling group. This in turn makes the entire vacation that much more enjoyable.

The Pleasure of Driving in Dubai

Dubai has some really fine roads, comparable with the best in the world. It is actually a treat to drive in Dubai. Moreover, by choosing to rent a car in Dubai monthly, one has the flexibility to not only drive within Dubai City but also to nearby places. The drive to these places is an experience in itself, best enjoyed in a rental vehicle.


Vacationing in a rental car comes with its own set of distinct advantages. At Speedy Drive Car Rental, we take immense pride in offering a wide variety of vehicles at affordable prices that customers can easily rent to cherish a truly memorable vacation!