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Safety Guide to Driving in UAE’s Foggy Weather

The winter climate is a boon for UAE residents as it means they no longer have to deal with the scorching heat. Winter, however, comes with its unique set of problems, such as fog. While fog may not evidently appear to be a serious problem, but you’d get a different perspective once you get behind the wheels of your rental car in foggy conditions. It is an absolute hazard! But don’t worry just yet! We’ve compiled a comprehensive guide containing handy tips to enhance road safety when you drive in UAE’s notorious fog season.

Turn the Fog Lights On

The law mandates every modern car to have rear fog lights, and some car models may have front fog lights as well. Turn these lights on when you are driving in foggy conditions. The rear fog light will ensure that vehicles behind you can see your vehicle, while the front fog lights will enhance your own visibility in low visibility conditions. Make sure to turn them off once you are out of the fog.

Monitor Your Speed

Driving at a rapid pace in the middle of fog is a strict no-no! When you drive in foggy conditions, keep your speed to about 50 or 60 km/h at best. If the fog is denser than usual, it would be best to reduce your speed down to 40 km/h. The slower you drive, the safer you’ll be on the roads.

Keep the Hazard Lights Off

Hazard lights warn the vehicles behind you of an abrupt stop or warn them of a potential hazard ahead. But many drivers deploy these lights in fog too. This could cause the drivers behind you to apply an emergency brake as they may believe you are making a sudden halt. This could further confuse the vehicles behind your car, thereby leading to a massive car crash. Therefore, we suggest keeping them off unless there is a case of an emergency.

Maintain Safe Distance

Driving too close to other vehicles could potentially put you in harm’s way. If the vehicle ahead of you has to make a sudden halt, it will cause you to hit your vehicle straight at them. It is recommended for your safety to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you.

Avoid Changing Lanes

Avoid Changing Lanes

Unless you absolutely have to, it is best if you avoid changing lanes. Changing lanes constantly can potentially lead to an ugly crash in fog, as the vehicles behind you would probably not be able to see you. So, move slowly and stay in one lane.

Turn on The Heater

During fog, it is highly likely that condensation will increase inside the car, reducing your visibility further. Turn on the heater to ensure your windows remain clear, and you have better visibility of the road ahead.

In Conclusion

Next time you experience fog in Dubai, we hope you will keep these tips in mind as it guarantees a safe journey for you and your surroundings.