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Safety Tips for Driving in the Rain

Driving in the rain is a challenge for many. The amount of water on the road, coupled with the weather conditions, can make driving difficult. Especially in Dubai, rains are unpredictable and tend to flood the city. It can be sudden and heavy. It can also be a drizzle for hours or even days. In all cases, the roads will slick when it rains. It is imperative that drivers drive safely.

Driving safely in wet weather is essential to do every time you're on the road. You don't want to fall into a ditch or hit another car while driving in the rain. It's important to be aware of these things so that you can stay safe along with your Dubai car rentals while driving in wet weather:

Driving doesn't have to be a challenge if you know how to drive safely during the rain. Here are a few tips one must take in account especially if they are driving on Dubai roads.


Whether you are driving a small or large vehicle, you are required to wear your seatbelt. If you are driving a large vehicle along with heavy rains, make sure your passengers wear theirs too

Early Brake

Brakes are less effective in wet conditions, so use them to stop quickly if you have an emergency situation while driving. Brake early so you don't hydroplane onto the sideways lane.

Acceleration Control

Driving slowly is essential when it starts raining, because raindrops are small enough to cause huge problems if struck at a high speed. The darkness of the outside resulting from a heavy rainstorm means motorists may not expect someone behind them to suddenly appear out of nowhere when it starts raining - so they won't be able to see you.


Use your mirrors and headlights if necessary. Mirrors should always be utilized when driving through adverse weather conditions, such as rain or snowfall; this will allow you to see around corners and over obstacles better, so as to avoid collisions


If you're traveling at night or in poor visibility locations, use low beams (like valleys). By using your high beams, you are at risk of blinding other cars in an accident that could seriously hurt you or another driver. As a general rule, it's always safer to leave your headlights off while not in use than risk shining them into someone's eyes at night or in unfavorable conditions such as heavy rain or fog (though some individuals believe this is also risky). Additionally, you may use your turn signals if necessary, but once more,

Plenty of car for rent Dubai companies owners help users with a manual guide to rains.