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Signs That Your Car's Battery Is Likely to Collapse

Owning a car comes with the responsibility of knowing it in and out. For some identifying the problem might be a cakewalk, but for others more like a burden. That’s why the first thing to get affected as a car reaches its due date is a battery.

The car’s battery plays a crucial role in getting it charged and starting in the first place. You might as well drive a toy car if the battery isn’t performing the way it should. Even if one prefers a budget rent a car in Dubai by contacting the provider through their phone number, there is no way you want a stuttering rental car in the middle of the road. Hence, professional car owners must know when to replace their car batteries.

When your car gives you these signs, make sure to follow through and check beneath the car’s hood to find the real problem.

Signs to Identify a Dead Car Battery

Different car models would show signs differently. However, a few issues remain common no matter what car you drive. Since a car battery tends to push the vehicle on the road, its health would determine the other things inside it.

So look for these signs to determine whether your car’s battery is dead or drained:

Turning on the Ignition Key Does Not Turn on the Engine

When you turn on the car's ignition key, the starter motor will crank, and so will the engine kickstart automatically. However, when the car battery is in poor health, it would not supply enough power to the engine, and due to this, the engine would repeatedly click only to stop at the end.

The “Check Engine” Sign on the Dashboard

The dashboard of a car has a “ Check Engine” light which would probably go bonkers if there is trouble with the engine or the car’s battery. There is a high chance that when you take your car to the service station, the mechanic will identify a drained battery as a problem considering that the “check engine” light warning is not an unusual problem when it comes to a car battery.

Problem With Turning on the Radio & Headlights

In case of your Radio or car headlights not turning on or headlights throwing a dim light on the road, the battery is probably already dead or about to be dead. At times. Corroded wiring of the battery might be a cause. So it is best not to overlook these signs.

The Battery Case Taking Unusual Shape

In overly hot & humid zones like in Dubai, chances are the battery case would swell up or may even crack up. There would be a high chance of battery acid leaking out then, which is quite dangerous. Hence, a battery that has turned into a shape other than rectangular must be discarded and recycled.

There may be several different unusual ways your car might be giving hints about a battery that needs to be replaced. Such professionals like those offering monthly car leasing in Dubai must inspect their old batteries.