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The Best Places to Drive and Explore in Dubai

With the rise in popularity of monthly car rentals in Dubai, people can get a cheap car rental in Dubai for as little as 600 AED. This method has become famous for tourists and travelers looking for a way to travel freely across the city of Dubai. After getting your car, explore these incredible road ventures in the Dubai summer:

The Jebel Hafeet

Many locals consider the road heading to Jebel Hafeet to be one of the best in the entire nation. You'll have to make several twists and travel across rugged terrain to get here, which will put your driving skills to the test. It is noteworthy since the site is 1,240 meters above sea level. About 170 kilometers separate it from Dubai City.


Due to its stunning beauty and diverse geography, this location sets itself apart from other regions in the UAE. The location is known for its flat topography, dunes, and highly rocky mountain sides. It is located 150 kilometers from Dubai. A settlement with modest Bedouin dwellings, a fort built in the sixteenth century, and various swimming ponds can be found in the Hajar Mountains.

Sir Bani Yas Island

Although the trip from Dubai is 370 kilometers long, it is nevertheless worthwhile because it leads you to the home of many wild creatures. An excellent place to stay while traveling there would be the Desert Islands Resort & Spa by Anantara, situated in the heart of this paradise.

In Ras al-Khaimah

Always include this location on the list of places to visit when planning road trips. You might participate in sports like fishing, paragliding, and horseback riding, in addition to seeing a lot of historical sites and breathtaking scenery. Thrill seekers and history buffs alike should visit this place. The world's longest zipline, the Iceland Water Park, and the Ras al-Khaimah National Museum all offer historical education.


This is the smallest emirate in the United Arab Emirates. You'll discover the perfect balance of spectacular natural beauty, vibrant nightlife, fantastic locations and beaches, relaxing resorts, and historic restaurants.

Al Ain

Drive to Al Ain from Dubai if you wish to have a road trip; it is 147 kilometers away. Al Ain is surrounded by mountains, offering beautiful views, abundant greenery, and natural springs. It is home to several grand sights, including some tall mountains and countless historical buildings. Wadi Adventure, Jebel Hafeet, and the Al Ain Zoo are just a few of its many attractions.


When touring the UAE, Sharjah, which is 39 kilometers from Dubai, is a must-see. It is one of the most popular places and has become much more well-liked over time due to its fascinating history and legacy. There are well-known markets as well as historical sites. You can tour Sharjah's well-known landmarks, learn about the past, unwind, shop, and do so.

To Sum Up

For travelers, adventurers, and automotive enthusiasts, the United Arab Emirates has a lot to offer. Some wonderful landscapes of greenery, dunes, and other man-made and natural wonders. Now that you have access to long-term car rental Dubai ongoing discounts, all you have to do is travel.