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Top 5 Promotional Offers that Entice Car Rentals


Price is a key determining factor when it comes to car rental customers choosing their desired vehicle – and of course opting for a rental car in the first place. By offering a variety of budgetary promotions, the best car rental cars companies in Dubai make the decision a whole lot easier for customers.

Long Term Discounts

As opposed to fixed short term rental rates, long term car rental comes with significant discounts. This alone serves as a huge incentive for folks looking for a long-term car rental to easily go ahead with the decision to rent a vehicle since they will save a lot of money in the process.

Free Fuel

Many car rental firms throw in free fuel as a budgetary incentive to customers. Given the fact that fuel is a major component of the expenses incurred when renting a vehicle, this is a huge draw for many customers.

Free Additional Days

A common budgetary promotional offer from many car rental firms is to give a few days extra free of cost, when a car is rented for a stipulated period of time. To give you an example, if a customer decides to rent a car in Dubai Marina for a week, that individual is given an additional day or two completely free of cost. Again, this proves to be a significant draw for a lot of car rental companies.

Categorized Pricing

Instead of having flat car rental fees, car rental firms choose to offer categorized pricing. So, for instance, while hatchbacks would cost the least to rent, SUVs and luxury sedans would cost more, with midsize sedans somewhere in between. Within these broad categories too, individual vehicles have their own pricing, depending on the model.

Customer Profile Discounts

From time to time, car rental firms run customer profile discount promotions. For instance, teachers may get to enjoy special rates on certain car models. Or doctors may get to avail a discounted rate, irrespective of the model they opt for. Often, this targeted profiling is done to attract customers who are likely to rent long term. For instance, a newbie expat doctor would be eligible to avail an additional discount thanks to the promotional offer, over and above the fact that long term rental rates would in any case be lower.


Budgetary promotional offers really work well in enticing customers to firmly make up their mind on going through with a car rental decision. They also help them choose their desired vehicle that much quicker.

At Speedy Drive Car Rental, we run such budgetary promotions from time to time to help you rent your dream vehicle as easily and quickly as possible!