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Top 5 Reasons to Avoid Using Your Smartphone While Driving

Globally, smartphone usage while driving is frowned upon. Yet, many reckless drivers continue to use their smartphones while driving. In this article, we point out the perils of doing so, which will compel you to avoid using your smartphone while driving your budget rent a car.

Global Statistics

Globally, a large number of accidents occur because drivers were distracted by their smartphones. The UAE is no exception, with many accidents occurring for the same reason. In spite of strict laws, many drivers continue to carelessly use their smartphones while driving.

Easy Distraction

Smartphones cause drivers to be distracted way too easily. There was a time when our phones only meant taking and receiving phone calls. Today, our smartphones are much more than that where we update our social media profiles, listen to music, watch videos, stay updated on the latest news, and keep in touch with our loved ones – all on our smartphones. This plethora of activity has meant that drivers get distracted very easily on their smartphones.

Texting While Driving

Among the risks associated with smartphone usage while driving, texting is right at the top. That is because your focus is completely on the phone, in a much bigger way than when you might be attending a call when you are less distracted. That is the reason we especially discourage texting while driving completely.

Unpredictable Obstacles on the Road

UAE roads are privy to all kinds of sudden obstacles. In major cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi for instance, you will find pedestrians suddenly emerging onto the road, especially when least expected. On the freeways, you can expect goats or camels to seemingly emerge out of nowhere! For these reasons, the degree of alertness required is immense; you simply cannot afford to be distracted – which you will be if you use your smartphone.

Finally – the Laws!

Finally, there are of course strict laws that actually forbid smartphone usage while driving. In the UAE you can be fined with other possible penalties if you use your smartphone while driving. We have purposely mentioned this at the end because laws and penalties should not be the ones deterring you from using your smartphone – you should from within feel that smartphone usage is best avoided completely while driving, irrespective of laws which prohibit that.


You should always focus on the road and not get distracted while driving. Smartphones take away focus and that is the reason it is strongly recommended that one avoids using them while driving. At Speedy Drive, we urge all our customers to refrain from smartphone usage while driving.