The Use of Smartphones While Driving and its Dangers

Every now and then the question is raised whether why using a smartphone (or any mobile phone) while driving is dangerous or what could be the consequences of distracted driving. It has also been discussed at various forums multiple times whether is it safe to drive even when one is hands-free. It appears, however, that mere discussions over the subject of ‘The Use of Smartphones While Driving and its Dangers’ are not enough. People, especially the younger generation need to be educated on this very serious subject exclusively, and repeatedly.

Findings of Global Research Studies

This is absolutely true that hundreds of thousands of research studies have been conducted globally, on this very subject exclusively. This is also true that majority of the participants of such research study activities were of the opinion that while one is driving, the use of mobile phones is not only dangerous but pervasive.

The Outcome

But what’s the outcome of such activities if distracted drivers are still claiming either their own lives or killing others? Just ask the police authorities of any major city of any country at random and they would tell you how many drivers are caught violating the law during a one-night clampdown alone.

Undeniable Facts

The laws are intended to make the people safe, but majority of drivers would be seen to deny the fact quite ostensibly and at times, quite deliberately. People, especially the teenagers seem ignorant of the fact, which is so unfortunate.

The Use of Mobile and Its Impact

Per findings of global Research Studies (both in real driving scenario and in rudimentary simulators), following could be the impact(s) on drivers using a smartphone:

  • Reduced visual scanning of frontal view (the road ahead)
  • Highly increased likelihood of weaving within the lanes, especially on bends
  • Reduced ability to responding to hazards etc.

Hand-held smartphone is even more dangerous as drivers’ eyes may be fixed on the road though, but controlling steering wheel with one hand makes navigation harder at times; especially on narrow curves or bends.

The authorities thus, have solid reason to ban hand-held calls while driving.

Texting and Driving

If talking over a smartphone is dangerous, texting while driving is even more dangerous and in fact rapidly increasing trend among teenagers which is yet another significant cause of road accidents.

Now, since the evidence appears to be so irrefutable, the emphasis should be on special training programs either at educational institutes or on media platforms. There are numerous videos available, on the YouTube for instance, uploaded by the friends or families of the victims.

Mostly, the short clips or images would be from a post-crash site while some clips have even been filmed by an unfortunate death victim him/herself; moments before ending up in another vehicle, a tree or some passerby.  Further, during conversation over the cellphone, a driver is likely to be distracted automatically and if there’s some kind of complexity in the conversation, it will further lower the driver’s concentration. It’s not necessary to say what would be the result or consequences.

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