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Things to Consider When Choosing Between A Sedan and SUV Car

Traveling in Dubai is pretty stressful. There is a traffic issue to deal with. If you can tackle it, you face parking problems. But you can Rent a car monthly in Dubai and ensure you do not meet any issues.

When looking for a rented vehicle, you are often asked if you prefer an SUV or a sedan. Though both have their share of advantages, the customer's needs are more important. Instead of getting confused, you have to pay attention to a few things. Here are three things that should be kept in mind when choosing between an SUV and a sedan car.

Number Of People Traveling

The first and most important factor here is the number of people traveling in the car. If you have a small family with three or four members, you must rent a sedan. On the flip side, if you have a joint family or friends accompanying you, an SUV would be better.

Moreover, if you plan a long trip, there would be luggage too. The family members would not feel uncomfortable while having to accommodate that. Hence giving preference to SUVs is better.

Place Of Travel

When we talk of traveling in Dubai, it could involve desert and rough roads. Obviously, a sedan cannot be a viable option during such a trip. An SUV, however, can withstand the stress of an off-road trip. Apart from that, desert travel could include adverse weather conditions. Again, renting an SUV car can help you tackle that.

Yet, a sedan is a perfect companion for traveling on smooth roads or highways. There is no need to increase your budget and take an SUV when the sedan is optimum.

Fuel Efficiency As The Decider

Lastly, you would want to check the fuel efficiency of the car before chosing the one that suit your travel. Sedan scores highly when we talk of fuel efficiency. The sedan will give you the best returns if you are traveling on an easy and smooth road. The sedan is smaller compared to an SUV.

That means the amount of fuel it will consume will be less too. There are other fuel-efficient options available in SUVs too. But none of them can match the kind of fuel savings that a sedan offers.

When looking for Monthly rent a car Dubai options, there will be multiple choices available. But you should keep the above pointers in mind before you decide. Especially if you opt for a long trip, you cannot afford to make mistakes. Choose wisely and check all the papers before you rent the car.