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This Is the Right Way to Clasp the Steering Wheel for Safety

Drivers spend a significant amount of time behind the wheel. As such, it's crucial to ensure you are driving safely and are prepared for an unexpected accident or hazards. It includes grasping your steering wheel in the right way. That could be the difference between keeping the car in control or being severely injured. As per experts, the highly recommended position is holding the steering wheel in the 3 and 9 places, as though the steering wheel of your rental car were the face of a clock. It not only allows you to turn the vehicle efficiently. But also offers complete safety if the airbag were to deploy. Now that you've understood about the steering wheel position driving let's dive into the right ways to hold a steering wheel. These will be very helpful, especially when driving a rental car in Satwa or any other location within Dubai, as it will keep you and the vehicle safe.

Where to Place Your Hands?

As discussed earlier, the most recommended position is the 3 and 9 positions. However, many are in favor of the 8 and 4 hand placement, claiming it to be a safer option. While it does lower the risk of any injury, it doesn't offer overall control on your rental car. It's advisable to continue with the suggested option, where over time, you'll notice that you have better control over the vehicle. This safe distance between both hands is equally important as maintaining a gap between the car ahead of you.

Common Dangerous Habits

Most car drivers tend to easily pick up a bad habit while driving, which becomes difficult to get rid of after a while. We're talking about those who drive single-handedly. As cool as you may appear, you are in fact asking for more trouble. It's one of the easiest ways of losing control over the vehicle. As you steer the car, both your hands should stay on the wheel at all time, unless you need to change the gears. In such cases also, once you've changed the gear, your hand should immediately return to the wheel.

The Steering Wheel Hub

Albeit not as common as the one-hand driving, a surprising number of drivers who hold the inner wheel hub have come to our attention. There are, in fact, a few who hold the wheel with their fingers, while some steer the wheel using the heel of their palm. It's easy to see why several drivers have developed this dangerous habit over time. It's a remarkably lazy form of driving. When you drive in this manner, you make yourself more prone to a severe accident. As such, you have zero control over the car. To prevent such accidents, it’s advisable to rid yourself of this habit.


We all like to believe that holding a driving license also means we know the right way to drive. There is a tremendous amount of improvement in a car's technology, and regardless of your driving experience, it's safer to drive in your rental car by letting go of these driving vices. Sure, you may have to rework the whole process and make significant changes, but at least it ensures your safety.