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Tips to Drive with A Pet in Dubai

If you are not willing to leave your pet behind and want them to travel along with you, you need to make a conscious effort to keep them safe in the car. Not only will it keep them remain happy, it will also ensure the safety of you and other passengers and not to forget the drivers around you. Make sure you keep their travel insurance and other documents in hand to submit it wherever required. Here are some things that you should know while driving with a pet in your rent a car in Dubai.

Take Them on Long Drives

If they aren’t used to it, try taking them around for a bit, and then gradually increase the distance of each trip. The effectiveness of this will differ depending on the pet you bring along. However, doing such a test beforehand ensures both you and the pet (and other passengers with you) have an enjoyable trip. It will also help you to prevent them from becoming a distraction.

Use A Safety Belt

Yes, another way to prevent them from distracting you is by using a seat belt. If you do so, you'll reduce the likelihood of meeting with an accident and hurting everyone around you. If the seat belt doesn’t work for them, keep them in the same crate that they were brought-in while traveling, so they don’t move around and cause distraction.

Prepare A Travel Kit

Apart from all the documents that your pet will require, you should also carry some essentials along. It includes water, food, first-aid, toys, or even a bed, so they are comfortable in the car. Just like us, they also require constant fueling, especially during those long drives. Follow this tip to ensure a fun trip for the two of you.

Don’t Forget Your Pet’s Documents!

As mentioned above, do not forget to bring your pet’s documentation along with you. In a place like Dubai, your pet should have an animal passport, health card, and proof of ownership. Make sure you carry it along wherever you go. That way if you take your pet in your rental, you have the necessary documents when someone questions you. Better safe than sorry!

Never Leave Them Alone in The Vehicle

This is one of the most dangerous things you can do to your pet, especially in a place like Dubai, where the temperature doesn’t know its way down. It is also illegal to leave them unattended in the car. The problems don’t end there. If you leave them unattended, they can cause damage to the vehicle by trying to escape. The possibilities are endless, so you might as well take them along.

Driving with a pet can be enjoyable and safe, so as long as you follow these basic rules!