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Tips to Improve the Fuel Economy of Your Rental Car

While everyone dreams of owning a car, no one wants to bear the cost of expenses such as maintenance, insurance, etc. That’s why most people turn towards budget car rentals, to you save on that. Another problem that most car owners and renters seem to struggle with is the fluctuating petrol prices. In this article, we give you some helpful tips to improve your rental car's fuel economy and ensure you save a few bucks in the process.

Take It Easy

Everyone has the tendency of unleashing their inner F1 racer demons, by trying to race against time. Unfortunately, this is not the best move, as you are forcing the engine to push you faster. This force requires more fuel, so take it easy! Apart from this, most drivers also want to experience the thrill of racing against those blinking traffic lights. Little do they know that more fuel will be burned by sudden acceleration. Avoid applying emergency breaks when not required by maintaining a safe distance between cars.

Avoid Excess Baggage

To save up those extra bucks, we usually end up turning our cars into a delivery truck. In doing so, the weight of the vehicle is increased, adding further strain to the engine. If the engine operates two times more than usual, this means that the fuel burned will also be higher. It works exactly like a human. More the load, the higher the energy used to carry it. Try and avoid pushing the car to its limit. Unload the excess load from your car as soon as you reach your destination.

Check Your Tyres

One of the most convenient ways to stop your fuel from burning inefficiently, is to ensure that your tires are inflated to the required pressure. Unfortunately, most motorists tend to ignore this. Drivers like to believe that as long as it’s right on the roads, we are good to go. However, that isn’t the case. Driving with low tire pressure increases the resistance of tires on the ground, thus leading to loss of fuel. So, ensure that the tires are correctly inflated before hitting the road.

Don’t Keep the Engine Idle for Too Long!

Avoid keeping the engine running for too long if you the car is stationary. It tends to burn up more fuel in the process. If the vehicle is not running for longer than a minute, turn the engine off. Switching it off till the required time and then restarting it, is an economical option as opposed to keeping it on continuously. This also applies to when you are starting your vehicle. Drivers tend to accelerate to warm up the engine more quickly. It is very harmful, as it burns more fuel than it would while on the road.

Use the Air Conditioner Wisely

Using the air conditioner can substantially lower the fuel economy. As such, when you are driving through highly congested traffic, switch off the AC if possible. We understand that in a place like Dubai, this is next to impossible, but try keeping it low when driving in traffic. However, when you are driving at high speeds, do not roll down your windows, as it increases the drag force.

Driving the right way and understanding the basic principles will help in giving your rental car with better fuel efficiency!