Tips to Legally Hire a Car in Dubai with Driver

You may be on a very strict schedule and wouldn't drive, especially in a busy city like Dubai. You're here to take pleasure from the calmness and comfort of the back-seat in an extravagance BMW or a luxurious Rolls Royce. Maybe you're none of the above but a busy businessman, who is touring Dubai for pleasure purposes, but suddenly work catches on, and you may be required on the telephone / Skype to solve a concern or two because the business may not function right without you. Cameras in Dubai are actually equipped with surveillance that can catch if the drivers are chatting on the telephone and not using a seat-belt. There are heavy fines already set up. Hiring a rented car is a must for you.

It is illegal to have a driver with car rental. Yes, this is true! Obtaining a driver, despite paying the extra amount, from an automobile rentals company is illegitimate in the UAE. The only possibility is when the car lease company also works as a travels & tours business or a limousine company.

What is Limousine Rental?

In Dubai, 'limousine' is an obscure term. While finding a limousine means that you will be renting a stretch out a limo for a day or paying hourly charges, even Mercedes, BMWs, and other luxury automobiles that are 'chauffeured' are thought to be limousines. Moreover, limousines can be officially given drivers (aka chauffeur).

Tours & Trips Co.

Hiring a driver with an automobile (or an automobile with a driver) can be done even for economy cars but via a Tours and Vacations company which is legally registered in the UAE. However, the costs for this are substantial. Be sceptical and check multiple insurance quotes before reserving.


The real reason for restricting the automobile + drivers service and then limousine service and trips & travel companies is always to protect the pursuits of the DTC / RTA Metro and Bus services. Plus DTC has an exceptional service to everyone in the town. Convenient, reachable and quick. The RTA bus and metro are possibly the most sensible thing that occurred to a metropolis of Dubai specifically for the working class and budget travellers.

Mashaweer Service by Dubai Government

Few know but DTC, in collaboration with Dubai RTA, has started out a drivers service that you can get easily with minimum too.

Mashaweer means 'heading for someplace for pleasure' in Arabic. A lot of people happen to be Dubai for pleasure like the many who do for business but wrap up having a wonderful business trip. The only real condition of Mashweer service is that customer must give a vehicle, with complete insurance and gasoline.

While local rental car companies ask for about AED 600 each day for yet another driver (car local rental charges are individual) RTA charges are as pursuing:

  • AED 40 each hour for an interval 2 hours
  • AED 250 for 8 hours
  • AED 1000 for weekly
  • AED 3500 dirham for per month
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