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Tips to Maintain Your Rental Car in Summer

Just the thought of summer evokes a response in individuals that run the gamut of emotions from sheer ecstasy to fear in the Middle East desert. There’s a Middle Eastern idiom that talks about the three seasons in the country: hot, hotter, and hell. Rise in temperature can cause trouble not just to you but, also to your luxury rental car. That being said, you should spare a moment for your rental car as well. While you have the liberty to get comfortable in your AC room, your poor car outside roasts under the intense rays.  So, let’s dive in to understand the various ways to maintain your rental car during this hot season.

Keep the Odor at Bay

The unbearable heat causes the seats to release certain odors. You can prevent this by deodorizing your car. No, we don’t mean an anti-perspirant spray. We’re talking about dryer sheets which you should tape to your AC, that releases a fresh scent when kept on high.

Monitor the Tyre Pressure

With all the hits on uneven surfaces, and driving in difficult road conditions, your car most certainly deserve a good in-between car tyre check-up. The temperature outside also affects the pressure in them. Before you hit the roads for your long drive, it is important to check the pressure of every tyre, including the spare one.

Clean Your Car

While the views and sound of the sun setting against the blissful pink-blue sky sounds appealing, it can also be a threat to your windshield, especially when its dirty. The haze can also scatter the light from the inside and make it hard to see. Give your car a good wash for a sharper view when driving. In addition, it protects the paint from the rays of the sun, and any damage caused by birds.

Keep the Interiors Cool

We all resonate with the feeling that that comes when entering your car during summer – where you feel like you’ve walked into an oven bare clothes. Well, we sure understand this feeling, and so have come up with an easy hack to solve it. Before you enter your car, slightly lower one window, and immediately set the door on the other side. It not only helps in releasing the air out, but also brings the temperature in line with the surrounding. This is why you should have studied science in school!

Cover the Seats

Do you also feel the sensation of sitting on the sizzling hot seats of your cars? If the answer is in the affirmative, we have a solution for that as well. Place a blanket on them before leaving, as it’ll prevent them from burning. It can further be placed below your elbow, for better driving.