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Tips To Make A Successful Trip To Abu Dhabi

Do you wish to take up a budget rent a car, and go on a fun trip to Abu Dhabi? Being a popular tourist destination because of its rich Arabian cultural properties and scenic beauty, it is a major Emirate. You will be able to explore authentic Arabic architecture and the traditional lifestyle in this lovely city. Although it might seem quite simple, there are certain things to know before visiting this place. To enjoy a hassle-free journey to Abu Dhabi without getting into any problems, here are some simple but useful tips.

Check On What You Wear

Although Dubai tends to be a much-relaxed country open to any form of clothing, it’s a bit different in Abu Dhabi. As it is a highly conservative region of the major Islamic country, the United Arab Emirates, specific rules and dress code need to be followed. You can dress lightly when you are roaming around, as the temperature is quite high and intolerable. While you are in a more public space, be mindful to keep a jacket or shawl with you and make sure the clothes you wear covers your shoulder and knees. Wearing swimsuits on a beach is allowed, but you must change immediately after you are out of the beach to respect the locals.

Learning Arabic Will Help

The linguistic barrier is one of the major hurdles faced by expats in many countries. Although the diversity in Dubai may offer a much comfortable condition, having basic Arabic knowledge will help handle vendors and other local people in Abu Dhabi. Knowing the simple Arabic versions for common words such as ‘Hello’, ‘thank you, ‘excuse me, ‘help‘, and ‘sorry’ will aid in establishing better communication.

When To Visit?

The region is majorly covered by desert, and usually, the climate tends to be hot and humid. This hot temperature is mainly high during the summertime. Hence, going on a trip to Abu Dhabi during summer will be a very bad option. For planning a proper fun-filled trip with various activities, you should visit Abu Dhabi during the cold seasons, that is, after the month of October.

Car Rental Is Best

When it comes to travelling in Abu Dhabi rental car is the best option as it is much cheap as well as easily available. The city is well connected with public transport services and private cabs too. However, having a rental car of your own will be beneficial in various ways, such as it will leave wider scope to explore the place at your own pace. With minimal fuel cost and easy driving, this is also a cost-effective option.