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Tips to Overcome Driving Anxiety

If you are a new license holder, driving may seem intimidating or challenging to you, especially if you are about to start your journey with a budget rental car in Dubai. That being said, you shouldn’t be overwhelmed by it. You may not have your instructor by your side, but don’t let that dull your sparkle. This is in a true sense, your time to shine and make the best of all the driving skills you have learned. As with all new experiences, the initial days may seem nerve-racking, so try and keep your fears at bay by following these tips.

Don’t Worry About Missing the Roundabout Exit

It is easy to drive on a straight road; however, the complications arise when you approach a roundabout, instantly making you wonder if you can complete this step without causing others any harm. Similar to any situation when on the road, here too, you have to remain alert and be conscious of your surroundings. Check your mirrors, watch for cars around you, and see to it that the coast is clear. Besides this, the exit must also be identified, so that you can show your indicator and move accordingly. If you skip it, just take another round, and try again. Avoid turning abruptly though.

Drive with A Family Member

Hopefully, you 're never going to have to go through it, but accidents, more often than not are inevitable. It may not have to be your fault, which is why you need to always be prepared for such a situation. Plan your route, make use of a GPS, keep your car in a good condition, and ensure good visibility at all times. To prevent the feeling of anxiety creeping up on you, it is advisable to get a friend or family member along if possible, until you gain some confidence.

Drive with A Family Member

Don’t Be Overwhelmed by Impatient Drivers

Strangely, the most common fear is not having to lose your driving license or getting into a serious accident. It is, funnily, the feeling of self-consciousness drivers face at traffic signals, especially when they stall unintentionally. The struggle of driving for new drivers may be real, but you know what? It's the tension that makes you stagnate and not your skills. A red light typically doesn’t stay on for long, so make sure you've got your foot by the accelerator. Take your time while doing so, and don’t give in to impatient drivers. They can always overtake if they are in a hurry.