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Top Four 4-Wheel Drive Vehicles for Desert Safaris in the UAE

The experience of visiting the UAE is perhaps incomplete without a desert safari. If you look at the itineraries of popular tourist groups you will invariably find desert safaris included in them. These desert safaris are in turn best enjoyed in 4-wheel drive vehicles. In this article, we list 4 such vehicles which are especially suited for desert safaris.

The Cross-Country Volvo XC70 from 1998 to 2016

This is a beast of a vehicle which not only handles desert sands wonderfully; it also looks really good. So when you are on a desert safari in this beauty, you will especially enjoy capturing these captivating moments on film, with the car adding to the attractiveness of the backdrop.

Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited from 2004 to 2016

Again, this is a car that stands out as a true gem when it comes to embarking on desert safaris in the UAE. It is an extremely capable vehicle which can easily withstand sharp curves and turns. Its manoeuvrability is perhaps one of the finest in this space which renders it especially very suitable for desert safaris. And boy, does it look good!

Toyota Land Cruiser 2008 to 2016

The ever so rugged, handsome and reliable Toyota Land Cruiser is perhaps the finest choice for desert safaris, especially because its handling of sandy terrain is perhaps second to none. That is the reason you will notice that most desert safaris do tend to have Toyota Land Cruisers in their repertoire.

As a savvy visitor to the UAE, you have complete leeway to go with the vehicle offered to you by the tour operator (in case you are on one). Otherwise, you can easily rent a Toyota Land Cruiser from car rental firms like Speedy Drive and enjoy cruising in it across the UAE!

Subaru Forrester 1998 to 2016

Somewhat lower down the pecking order – as compared to the other cars mentioned in this article, is the Subaru Forrester. However, that does not take anything away from the vehicle which is easily recognized as being really powerful and capable of handling joyrides taken while on a desert safari, with absolute ease.


Desert safaris are an absolute must-have experience in the UAE. These desert safaris are in turn best enjoyed in 4-wheel drive vehicles. We have listed the top 4 of such vehicles in this article.

At Speedy Drive, we are really proud to have all these vehicles in our collection. So feel free to rent one from us for your next unforgettable desert safari adventure!