Top 4 Wheel Drive Cars for Desert Safari

Whether you visit Dubai or Abu Dhabi for a few days or have a residence there, one this is pretty sure that you won’t wish to leave these magical places; without availing a chance to book a desert safari. However, if you really wish to enjoy and make your experience memorable; always make a sensible choice of vehicle; to explore the miles-long deserts riding only the Top 4 Wheel Drive Cars for Desert Safari.

Even the idea of booking a desert safari is likely to thrill and excite you as this particular activity remains the most popular one among other numerous tour attractions and activities. If many of us may have only heard about these breathtakingly beautiful deserts, there would be hundreds of thousands of those; who must have experienced the reality and thus only they would tell you what an experience of a life time it is indeed.

As far the most trusted and reliable 4x4 desert vehicles, following are considered the Best, or Top 4 Wheel Drive Cars for Desert Safari:

2008-2016 Toyota Land Cruiser

Among the legendary vehicles, Land Cruiser tops the list as the off-road strength and ruggedness of this vehicle is unmatchable. Just look at the specs of the latest Land Cruiser 200:

  • 5.7-liter
  • V8-powered
  • 381 hp
  • 8-speed automatic

The vehicle is thus a ‘True Beast’ and truly a choice worth the price.

2004-2016 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited

This particular vehicle’s Unlimited Long-wheelbase models are considered best for a desert adventure; hopefully, a best choice for any desperate desert rider.

1998-2016 Volvo XC70 (Cross Country)

The vehicle in question has always attracted car-lovers due to its beautiful boxy look, although till 1998; these vehicles never had all-wheel-drive feature. However, the 1998-Volvo XC70 (Cross Country) came with all-wheel-drive feature and now these vehicles are also regarded as most durable AWD-wagons.

1998-2016 Subaru Forester

Another extremely powerful, reliable and trusted vehicle is Subaru Forester, an ideal machine offering everything from exceptional traction to power and strength, especially in slippery or slimy conditions. All-wheel drive system of Subaru Forester is the key feature of the line-up’s 2.5i models, equipped with a six-speed manual transmissions standard and much more.

Remember, there are numerous adventure sports in the entire Emirates that attract the tourists from round the globe. Among the most popular ones are sand skiing, a camel ride and dune bashing; the most different activity by all means. In Dune Bashing, not only the riders but the drivers enjoy a ride on a powerful 4-wheeled vehicle, magically jumping and sinking through the soft desert-sands underneath.

Even the onlookers are amused to see these powerful roaring machines so smoothly doing the bashing as if a rollercoaster is paving its way on a smooth metal road.

Now when you may have finally made up your mind to book a desert safari; select a Best Suitable 4 Wheel Drive Car first and enjoy every bit of a second from the time you may spend on your trip to the UAE.

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