Top 5 mParking Rules to Follow in Dubai

For Dubai residents, owning or renting a vehicle may never be a problem but parking your vehicle, however could always be a cause of concern. In other words, you should not only be a good driver, you should also be aware of various Types of Parking, Parking Zones and mParking Rules to follow while living in Dubai.

It is observed that generally, parking in the entire UAE is treated by the drivers either too casually or in a confused manner. One can say that at times, this casual behavior by majority of drivers is the reason behind several road crashes and vehicular damage.

To better understand parking methods, it would be appropriate to understand the following three main parking components first:

  1. How to enter into any parking space
  2. How to position your vehicle in a parking area, and
  3. How to exit the parking, safely and correctly.

Once you have understood the parking divided into above three components, rest assured that these elements ascertain your (and others’) road safety. All you have to do is to try implementing these simple basic principles even if your intentions are to use a road-side space; or you want to park your vehicle inside a mall’s parking area.

Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) Dubai is also aware about their citizens’ concerns over parking and therefore, they keep on introducing newer ways and means to facilitate the motorists.  As far the RTA’s newly adopted mParking Service, this value-added service has made the life easier for the motorists. Using mParking app is not only fun but also offers certain benefits to the users.

Benefits of mParking

  • mParking eliminates the hassle of looking for a nearby parking meter or coins
  • The users don’t have to worry about remaining parking-time
  • You receive the reminder alerts about the remaining parking-time, via SMS
  • You no longer need to rush and buy parking permit afresh. As your paid parking period reaches expiry limit, extend it while sitting at a restaurant, your office or even from home.

Top Rules of parking 

  • Entry into parking
  • Always try spotting a suitable parking space ahead quickly
  • Approach the spot slowly
  • Avoid stopping abruptly and without warning
  • Never overlook any moving vehicles nearby, parking at the side of a road needs more attention
  • Don’t ever cause other passing cars to swerve needlessly
  • You should be able to correctly assess the parking space
  • Finalize your maneuvering carefully and smartly
  • Never forget the use of indicators before entering into the selected parking area
  • Positioning the vehicle

Once parked safely, you must ensure your vehicle’s position i.e. you parked it using the parking area lines correctly.

While parking in a parallel bay, checking your central position is both important and a legal requirement. Always check for RTA parking rules roadside signs and if necessary, purchase a parking ticket or mPark notification. Also, you should be fully aware of rules regarding safely ‘exiting a parking space.’

Process of mParking

Users of RTA's mParking service (mParking) can pay for their respective virtual parking permits, using Etisalat as well as Du mobile phones. Process is simple, just send an SMS in the app’s pre-defined format at 7275 (PARK); and it will eliminate the need to hurry in a rush to the Payment Display (P/D) Machines. It also eliminates the need of searching for coins.

To benefit from mParking service, you must register your vehicle; especially if you own a non-Dubai privately registered plate number.

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