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What is mParking?

Typically, we have observed parking habits among drivers in Dubai to be extremely poor; haphazard parking is rampant across the city. Keeping this behavior in mind, the mParking app was introduced to ensure that parking discipline is maintained while also offering convenience to drivers in the city. Some of its key dynamics are indicated below.


Registration for mParking is a must so do ensure that you register before trying to use mParking. Registration is compulsory for all vehicles but especially so for private vehicles not registered in Dubai.

mParking Usage

Using mParking is really easy; it is available for both Du as well as Etisalat mobile phones. The entire process is as simple as sending an SMS in the predesigned form to 7275. The objective here is to receive a Virtual Parking Permit in the easiest and most convenient way possible.


mParking brings with it a whole host of advantages. For instance, it eliminates the need to look out for Payment Display or PD Machines. Alongside, you do not need to look for or have coins on you since payments can easily be made digitally.

There are some other advantages as well that include:

  • You need not worry about the parking time that you have left.
  • Reminder alerts about leftover parking time are sent directly to your phone.
  • You can extend your parking time, anytime, anywhere, directly from your phone.

Essentially, technology has been brought into a process that was unnecessarily troublesome. With mParking a lot of the issues faced have been duly dealt with.

Driving and Parking Rules Remain Sacrosanct

At this juncture, it would be useful to mention that the overall rules and regulations of driving and parking in the city remain sacrosanct. If you are new to Dubai and are getting a rental car to self-drive, we would strongly advise that you ensure following all traffic rules, especially with regard to driving and parking. mParking is merely a convenience to pay for parking – it does not offer leeway on the process of parking itself.


mParking has made paying for parking immensely convenient and hassle free, all over Dubai. Since its introduction, a large number of drivers have availed of its convenience.

At Speedy Drive Car Rental, we encourage all our customers to avail mParking services. Simply send an SMS in the designated form and you will be good to go. Extending parking time is just as convenient and hassle free.

Visiting the numerous attractions in Dubai without worrying over parking is now a reality with mParking.