Top 5 Must Attractions to Visit with Your Car Rental in UAE

When it comes to the today’s up-to-the-minute luxury destinations in the world, the UAE is always there on the list. This is a place, well-known for its iconic skylines of skyscrapers, highly attractive beach resorts and few of the world’s best and finest highways etc. All it takes is some spare time and of course, some extra money to spend but rest assured, you will never regret your decision to take your family or friends to the UAE. It is going to prove an experience of a life time.

In the UAE, nonstop development seems in full throttle all the time. However, in this globally famous family-favorite piece of land, there are plenty of historical places and Top-Rated Tourist Attractions too. Visitors from all across the globe simply love to travel to this part of the world to explore some truly historic tourist attractions listed below.

Burj Khalifa

One can begin exploring the UAE from many notable places but none of them would be as impressive as the skyscraper that pierces the heavens: Burj Khalifa. This amazing structure is not only among the most famous buildings of the United Arab Emirates, it happens to be the ‘tallest freestanding’ structure of the world as well. If you’re not suffering from vertigo, then have a trip to Burj Khalifa’s observation deck. Once you have made it up there, then you can understand why this structure if fit to be called the world’s tallest architectural wonder.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque - Abu Dhabi

One of the magnificent mosques of the modern era is Sheikh Zayed Mosque. This structure is well-known not only for incredible beauty but for its harmonious blend of ancient and modern construction styles. Seldom do you find an itinerary in Abu Dhabi missing a trip to this blinding white-stoned mosque, dazzling under the clear blue sky.

Hajar Mountains

To reach up to these historical spots, one has to travel a lot as Hajar Mountains slice through vast sandy desert. Now whether you are a nature explorer or a history lover, you’ll definitely love every bit of your time spent there. The spectacular scenery, kind of twisting roller-coaster tracks and tiny road-side villages, everything is adorable about this place. You can go hiking or enjoy a trekking experience while bird-watching opportunities make these picturesque mountains simply mesmerizing.

Sharjah Arts Museum

While traveling through Sharjah and exploring the city’s most important places, never miss a trip to Sharjah Arts Museum, which is home to countless diverse art pieces and collection of works. Not only the locals or Arab artists but several European artists’ works are also found among the collection. It is believed that these European artists exclusively studied the Arab World History before converting their respective imaginations on the canvas. They city management keeps on arranging temporary and short duration exhibitions throughout the year.

Jebel Hafeet- Al Ain

As they claim, the historic summit of ‘Jebel Hafeet’ is the second tallest tourist spot and the highest peak in the entire UAE. You can easily complete this must-do trip to Jebel Hafeet in, say 10 to 12 hours and once you’re on the top, you’ll enjoy a wonderful view of the vast sweep of sand and desert.

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