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Top 5 UAE Freeways You Will Love Driving On

The combination of ‘challenging to drive’ and at the same time ‘captivating’ is what makes UAE freeways so special. In fact, this is a major reason we find seasoned drivers from all over the world flocking to the UAE to experience driving on its freeways with rental cars.

The top 5 freeways in the country include:

Hatta Fort Hotel, Hatta

This is a freeway with no unique name attached to it. It is the winding nature of the roads here that render them to be such an incredible draw. There are challenging curves and sharp bends all along the way. You simply take a left turn before Hatta Fort Hotel’s location and you will be on to this road. It may be small in length – about 10 or 11 kilometers, but the thrills it offers are completely priceless!

Kalba, Sharjah

The road to Kalba in Sharjah starts off on a rather timid note with nothing exciting to offer but once you have completed the first 50 kilometers, things take a dramatic turn with really sharp curves and bends. There is an enthralling 1.27-kilometer tunnel that you will especially enjoy driving in, particularly since it leads on to Fujairah’s enigmatic natural beauty.

Al Taween, Ras Al Khaimah

Located in the Hajar Mountains, this freeway draws its charm from the fact that it is completely off the beaten path and you will find few cars driving here. Bear in mind that the roads here are really steep so you need to be sharp and agile – along with being a really capable drive, to drive on the mountainous paths of Al Taween.

Jabel Al Jaes, Ras Al Khaimah

This is UAE’s highest peak and the drive till here is both enthralling as well as immensely challenging. The curves and hairpin bend here are particularly very sharp so you will not only have to be really agile while driving, you will also need to be an especially skillful driver from the outset. If you can overcome these challenges, this is a freeway you will relish driving on.

Jabel Hafeet, Al Ain

The UAE’s second highest mountain offers some really captivating views from the top. The drive till here from Abu Dhabi is one that is really enjoyed by many. If you are on a leisurely trip to the UAE and would like to embark on a fun road trip, then this is a drive we wholeheartedly recommend.


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