Top 5 UAE Freeways for Driving

Among several other tourist attractions, there are also some truly beautiful freeways in the UAE. However, even the most experienced and seasoned drivers would agree to the fact that some of these roads are really challenging too. In the following paragraphs, you’ll find handful information about top 5 UAE Freeways for Driving that everyone would love to be on.

Those, who have already experienced to drive through the UAE in life, would agree to the fact that the roads in this part of the world are ideal for motor heads. If you’re also a thrill seeker or love chasing the thrill of adventure then the UAE Driveways are there for you to test your driving skills. But before that, take a look at the information we’ve gathered for you on these tracks.

1)    Jabel Al Jaes, Ras Al Khaimah

This is considered the highest mountain in the entire UAE. Leaving from Dubai, it takes the motorists hardly an hour or so to reach Jebel al Jaes. Part of the famous ‘Hajar’ mountain range, this peak stand as high as 6,268 feet. The rocky and rugged terrain of the road to top is full of dangerously sharp turns. To control your vehicle on this particular road, you’ve got to be a skillful driver. Always watch out for hairpin bends and sharp curves.

2)    Jebel Hafeet, Al Ain

It requires nearly 2-hour drive from Abu Dhabi to cover some 170kms to reach Jabel Hafeet (Al Ain), Emirates’ second-highest mountain. To enjoy the breathtaking view from the top, you’ll have to travel through the 7.3m-long beautiful yet dangerous asphalt road. Driving on this road with very steep climbs requires pretty careful handling. Only expert drivers would dare taking up the challenge to handle the steering wheel through 60 sharp turns awaiting them. Journey to the top proves quite exhilarating as the higher you go the road becomes more twisting.

3)    Hatta Fort Hotel, Hatta

This ‘nameless’ freeway is full of highly challenging curves and blind turnings and suits those who love rough routes. To reach this road, one has to take a left turn right before where the Hatta Fort Hotel is located. This track may be small in length (hardly 10 to 11km) yet it is full of challenges. Here you’ll find curves, bends and blind corners, very sudden and steep inclines, followed by totally unexpected dips. Surface changes make this track all the more difficult to drive on; especially when you’re faced with number of dangerous cliffs awaiting you at the turns. Briefly speaking, if you really wish to test your driving skills; do take a trip to Hatta Fort Hotel, Hatta.

4)    Al Taween, Ras Al Khaimah

Al Taween road is kind of a hidden, mountainous track to be found in the Hajar Mountains. Before you take this road, make sure you had full night’s sleep as one moment’s negligence would prove fatal, trust us. Incline on this road, at times, gets 30-40 degree steep while unpredictable gravel and few particular tricky hairpin-bends make the drive pretty grueling here.

5)    Kalba, Sharjah

Majority of the travelers would say the same thing that there’s literally nothing worth mentioning on this road from Dubai up to Kalba-Sharjah. However, if you could find the first 50km of journey boring, rest assured the track would, all of a sudden, gain some real character. Things would no longer look boring rather you’ll come to know what jaw-dropping is all about as multiple S-bends and sharp curves will invite your full attention. Now get ready for the best part of the journey and the real thrill i.e. the famous 1.27km tunnel. Across this dark tunnel awaits you the stunning Fujairah valley’s scenic beauty which, we’re sure will make you think; it was a journey worth the effort.

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