Top Car Regulations to know for Car Rental Beginners

To move around while living in the UAE majority of people would love to hire a vehicle as renting a car would prove the best option. However, do not start searching for the best suitable vehicle straight away. Going through reading the following top car regulations to know for car rental beginners would be a better idea instead.

There are actually certain rules one needs to know and follow, related to renting a car in the UAE.

Driving License

No matter who you are, a local resident or a visitor to the UAE, having a ‘Valid Driver’s License’ is a must for everyone in the UAE. If you are a tourist or you’ve got a visit visa, your ‘International Driving License’ would be acceptable all across the UAE. However, residents possessing either a ‘GCC’ or a ‘European’ driving license may rent any vehicle of their choice; till the validity of their visit visa.

Driving a Rented Vehicle, Outside the UAE

If you’re genuinely not interested in putting yourself in a serious trouble, then never, ever drive your rented vehicle beyond the UAE boundaries. In other words, “be within your limits” as violating this rule is strictly forbidden here.

Minimum Age Limit

Like several other parts of the world UAE also doesn’t allow anyone to drive under the age 18 years. However, the minimum age limit for renting a vehicle in the UAE is 21 years. Further, the age-limit rules vary from vehicle to vehicle i.e. you must be at least 25-year-old to rent a higher category vehicle. It is thus recommended to always consider the car rental rules first and confirm each and everything related to the age limit.


Whatever fines a driver would incur, will be charged on him/her to their Final Bill by the rent-a-car company.


Salik is an electronic ‘toll collection’ method or system, used in Dubai Remember that Salik charges (if any) will also be charged to the drivers on their Final Bill.

Insurance Policy

Majority of UAE car rental companies would offer you CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) insurance. Such type of insurance is inclusive of the vehicle rental price. Once again, it is highly recommendable to thoroughly confirm whether what’s included and what’s not; only then finalize the deal.

Security Deposit

If you have concerns over the quality of the vehicle you’re renting, the car rental company would also be concerned about their vehicle(s) safety. To get a car, you’ll be required to submit a Security Deposit with the company. The amount of this security deposit is generally blocked, for certain reasons, from the customers’ credit cards.

In the UAE, every company will need a security deposit to issue you a rented car. The security deposit is blocked from your credit card for the sole reason that traffic fines take several days to be recorded and the company can then charge if needed.

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