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7 Key Regulations in the UAE that All Car Rental Beginners Must Know

Several regulations define the way in which you must drive in the UAE, whether in your own vehicle or in a rental car. At Speedy Drive Car Rental, we wholeheartedly encourage all our esteemed customers to ensure that they make note of these regulations and follow them diligently at all times.

Driving License

A valid driving license is an absolute must if you are to drive on the streets of the UAE. For foreign visitors, a valid ‘International Driver’s License’ would do just fine.

Minimum Age Limit

Just as is the norm globally, driving in the UAE also has rules regarding minimum age. You need to be at least 18 to have a driving license while you need to be at least 21 to rent a vehicle. For some vehicles, this age limit is in fact 25.

Do keep these age specific regulations in mind before confirming a vehicle to rent.

Security Deposit

Security deposits are taken on all rental vehicles, which is effectively a global standard procedure. The amounts vary, depending on factors such as the vehicle you are renting as well as your overall driver profile.


Insurance is a mandatory component, which protects car rental firms from any damage that may occur to the vehicle you have rented. Typically, car rental firms build insurance into the charge that they levy. You could do well inquiring about the insurance component, to confirm if there is any aspect that may not be relevant in your case.

An example would be ‘off-roading insurance’ – there is no need for such a cover if you have no plans on going off-roading.

Driving Outside the UAE

Most instances would forbid you from driving your rented vehicle outside of the UAE. Therefore, unless permitted, you should not take your vehicle outside the UAE – without exception; ensure that you drive within the UAE only.


Salik is an automated toll collection system used in Dubai. This amount will be charged by your car rental agency when your final dues are ascertained.


Any fines that you may incur while driving will be included in the amount finally payable by you. This aspect is in your control to quite an extent; if you follow traffic laws and do not indulge in reckless driving or parking, then you will not be liable to pay any fine. Remember that fines also give a bad repute to the vehicle – and indeed the car rental firm, so they will not be happy if they happen to be levied, even if you do pay them.