Top Driving Tips During Ramadan in UAE

Fasting in the Holy Month of Ramadan may not be new thing but every year, this particular month brings new changes in the routine life of UAE residents for sure. Whether you’re a Muslim or not, you’re fasting or not, you will definitely feel the tempers of the people flaring up. Keeping certain ‘Top Driving Tips during Ramadan in UAE’ in mind thus becomes pretty important for everyone.

Not very sure how true it is but road safety experts in the UAE believe that as the month of Ramadan approaches, ratio of traffic accidents seems to grow. And the same results in more injuries and fatalities, suggest the experts.

For Muslims, Ramadan means a completely different lifestyle. It also brings certain physical effects, changes in the moods and tantrums of fasting people etc. The weather conditions also have their impact on you and in hot summer, coping with the weather becomes all the more difficult.

Further, it is natural phenomenon that a fasting person is likely to suffer with issues like dehydration, low blood pressure, low sugar level or weakness etc. These all conditions, quiet naturally, may lead to loss of concentration, loss of vision, limit one’s attentiveness and above all; to loosing temper at times. A fasting person is also likely to feel drowsy, and that can happen even while driving on a busy road.

Briefly speaking, during the 30 days of Ramadan, the life seems to take an entirely new shape or style. When it comes to driving on the UAE roads during Ramadan, everyone should pay more attention than to these Road Safety Tips and Tricks. Remember, the focus of Ramadan Tips and Tricks remains on time management as well as safe and defensive driving techniques.

It is thus highly advisable that to stay safe on UAE roads, the motorists are not only required to take care of seat belts and speeding or tailgating. They should also be taking care of the following few yet very important tips while driving:

  • Use of lights, both at dawn and at the time of Iftar
  • Proper and enough sleep
  • Avoid fatigue
  • Pull over the moment you may feel dizzy or drowsy

As far detailed Top Driving Tips during Ramadan in UAE, consider the following too:

  • Always keep in mind that other drivers’ limitations are not different than yours
  • Be defensive and expect what could seem unexpected
  • Give due consideration to planning your schedule; leaving early would save you from over speeding and needless rush
  • Just trust that even slow, easy and careful driving will take you home safely
  • Remember, fatigue leads to distraction or comparatively lower awareness, so avoid it
  • Being extra alert would always help
  • Make sure you didn’t miss anything on your right or left, other driver(s) may well be in more hurry
  • Driving defensively means being able to maneuver out of any hard or unexpected situation or a tangle etc.
  • Never overlook traffic elements
  • Remember, there are not only cars on the roads; motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians are also there; give them the due respect also
  • Wearing a seatbelt is always advisable, but in Ramadan this habit would further ensure your safety
  • Never involve in tailgating since the same alone happens to be the number one cause behind sever road accidents in Dubai and other UAE vicinities
  • If you don’t feel like driving, taking public transport won’t be a bad idea at all
  • In case of dizziness, pulling over by the side of track would be ideal; better compose yourself, even if it takes a few minutes

As Ramadan is around the corner again, try to benefit from the above listed Safety Tips & Tricks this year, be safe and consider others’ safety too.

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