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Top 5 Tips for Driving during Ramadan in the UAE

Statistics have shown that driving incidents tend to increase in the UAE during the holy month of Ramadan. It is perhaps a combination of hungry, irritable folks out on hot, sunny days that proves too much to handle on the streets of the UAE. The tips below will help avoid untoward happenstances with your rent a car from Dubai airport.

Avoid Driving While Feeling Tired or Unwell

A lot of the incidents occur simply because folks are fatigued or even not at their best of health. Our primary tip here would be to avoid driving when you feel this way. Otherwise, you not only risk causing harm to yourself, but also to others on the street. Take rest, refresh yourself, and only then should you be driving.

If you are still not sure of your driving capabilities, take public transport instead of driving.

Pull Over When you Feel Hunger or Fatigue

Prolonged fasting can lead to feeling hungry and fatigued rather unpredictably. Even if you left home feeling refreshed, you might suddenly feel uneasy. Anytime you feel this way, it is best to pull over, instead of taking a chance that could lead to an unfortunate incident.

Follow Safety Rules Strictly

Just as you are fatigued during Ramadan, so are other drivers on the street. Therefore, it is essential that you follow traffic rules and regulations even more strictly during this period. Simple rules like putting your seatbelts on at all times must be followed. You must also avoid tailgating as this is a major reason for which accidents occur in the UAE. Finally, always drive slowly, well within speed limits since over speeding is the reason behind most accidents that occur with luxury rental cars in the UAE.

Keep your Headlights On when Mandated

During Ramadan, it is expected that you keep your headlights on, especially at dawn when fasting is initiated as well as at sunset during Iftar when fasting is broken. You should follow these norms. It does not matter whether you are a Muslim or not; it is recommended that you follow these practices.

Planning Ahead and Leaving Early

Rush hour during the month of Ramadan can be especially daunting on the busy streets of cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It is always recommended that you plan ahead and ideally leave early. That way you will be able to drive comfortably without risking any untoward incident.


Some basic steps taken pre-emptively can go a long way in ensuring safe driving during the holy month of Ramadan in the UAE. At Speedy Drive Car Rental, we always recommend following the above-mentioned tips while driving in the month of Ramadan.