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Top Five Road Trip Ideas in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates offers an incredible array of sights for travelers and citizens alike. From the urban metropolis of Dubai’s famous cityscape to the sprawling Hajar Mountains, there are a number of road trip options to satisfy anyone. Some of these trips can be completed over the course of a day, while destinations may demand more time from you. There are also options for those wanting a more luxurious escape with a ‘holiday’ feel; or those that are yearning for more of an adventure. Pack your gear and get your vehicle ready – these are the top road trips options with your budget rent a car in the UAE.

Snoopy Island

Snoopy Island is nestled near Fujairah, surrounded by gorgeous mountains and coastlines. This is an ideal day trip from Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Make sure that you pack your snorkel gear because the waters of Snoopy Island are pristine. There’s a gorgeous array of sea life to spot as you swim in the warm and beautiful ocean water.

Ras Al Khaimah

Are you a bit more of an adventure seeker? Then the iconic city of Ras Al Khaimah is the perfect getaway for you. There’s a host of exciting activities for adrenaline junkies – including the longest zip line in the world. Give it a go if you’re brave enough! The city also has its very own Ghost Town – said to be haunted by ghosts.

Hajar Mountains

If you are a little overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of Dubai, then the Hajar Mountains offers you the perfect escape. The mountains span across both the UAE and Oman. So, hikers looking to take in a sizeable portion of the mountains will need to pack their passports. The mountains are truly awe-inspiring in their powerful and beautiful expanse.

Jebel Al Jais

This is another awesome destination for those that love hiking and camping. If you’re looking to escape the heat of the region, then this may be the place for you. With its location at a staggering 1800 meters above sea level, Jebel Al Jais is practically freezing compared to the rest of the country. All of you explorers need to remember to pack your warm clothes!

Desert Resorts

What trip to the UAE would be complete without a road trip across the desert? There is a range of desert road trips for travelers to experience. Adventure-seekers can opt to hire a car or even a buggy. You can then have fun tearing up the sand dunes. And there are gorgeous resorts for travelers to stop and put their feet up along the way. Some of the most famous resorts include the stunning Al Maha and Bab Al Shams.