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Top Tips to Deal with Road Rage in Your Car Rental

Driving in a new city is an unnerving experience for most people. From learning the regional laws and driving rules to adapting to a new vehicle, it can take a toll on any individual. This, in turn, often leads to, you guessed it right, road rage! In this piece of write-up, we’ve mentioned some useful pointers to help you get through the day without wanting to crash into someone, if you come across a situation like this. Have a good read and allow it to digest, before you decide to hit the road.

Avoid Peak Hours and Busy Roads

During the rush hour, you will come across different types of drivers. From slow ones, to ones that’ve made it a hobby of breaking the laws. Plan your journey in a way that you can avoid the peak hours. Another point to note is driving on busy roads. Drive during non-peak hours or try and opt for a comparatively quieter route. The journey might take longer, but at least you’ve negated the possibility of road rage.

Do Not Succumb to It

Stay ways creating situations where you may exhibit road rage. Always be aware of the speed limit and maintain a safe distance from the car in front of you; avoid tailgating. Refrain from driving aggressively and under no circumstance should you drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If you’ve made a mistake, apologize, instead of getting furious. Also, try and be a polite driver, and smile in appropriate situations, like when giving a car way.

Be Aware of National Holidays

Driving on national holidays can be quite stressful, as everyone will be on the road. Before deciding on cheap rent a car in al barsha or from any other location within Dubai, check with your accommodation staff or friend beforehand. Most of the time, the roads are blocked as well, so it’s better to be informed before your journey, to avoid any disappointment or road rage. Do proper research and prepare contingency plans if required.

Pay Attention

We’ll tend to show off our anger at those annoying motorists. Refrain from any actions that express anger. Yes, it’s not as easy as it sounds, but it is for the best. Remember, the moment you lay your eyes on another driver, your eyes are off the road, which may lead to an accident. To prevent such incidents, it is advisable to let go and distract yourself. Try focusing on the vehicles and traffic in front of you instead.

Refrain from Using the Horn

It may be common practice back home. However, in the UAE, car horns exist only for emergencies. If you need to grab the attention of another driver, then use it, but not use it as a means to tell someone to get out of your way. Being patient is vital here.