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50 Reasons UAE Driving License Holders Can Now Rejoice

Now there are more than 50 countries across the world accepting the UAE driving license as a binding license. In other words, an International License to Drive would not be mandatory, if you have one issued here.

You can simply take your local license issued here to these countries and drive as freely as you would locally. Yes, a translation of your local license would be very useful since some officials, especially in remote parts of those countries, may not comprehend your license fully.

Reciprocated Easing of Regulations for Foreigners in the UAE

Just as the above mentioned countries have eased regulations for folks from the UAE holding local driving licenses, the UAE has in turn also softened regulations for folks from various countries; they can do without attending tough driving tests, if they hold valid driving licenses from their countries.

No doubt, a ruling of this nature has been really appreciated by all members of the community, across countries. After all, this reciprocity has long been sought and finally, we are seeing it being implemented.

Today, more than ever, people are traveling to other destinations and also choosing to drive there. With conducive policies like these, people can drive across borders with complete freedom.

Important Documents

Foreigners from countries where regulations have been eased do need to carry certain documents with them which include:

  • A Headshot
  • A Legal, Arabic translation of their local driving license
  • A Letter from their Employer

UAE Residents Still Recommended to get International Driving Licenses

While a leeway has been granted to UAE residents for driving with their local driving licenses, it is still recommended that in case of plans to drive abroad, they do get International Driving Licenses made.

This is especially because not all countries are included in the 50 listed above. Often, many UAE residents combine trips abroad where they go to multiple countries on the same voyage. This is especially true for holidaymakers to Europe on a Schengen Visa; with their visa granting them entry into 25+ countries, they invariably prefer going to as many of them as feasible.

Further, an International Driving License is an unwavering validation of one’s driving skills. A local license may not always cut ice with a local agent in any country you are traveling in, to the same extent an international one would.


At Speedy Drive, we are really delighted to see that more than 50 countries now allow UAE residents with local driving licenses to drive in their countries.

Alongside, we are very happy to see foreigners in the UAE from the countries listed above being able to drive here on their local driving licenses.