UAE Introduces New Rules For Drivers Age Over 65

If you're in Dubai and you are a mature driver, you ought to know of new legislation that arrived on 1st Sept this year. Elderly drivers are considered to become more apt to be involved in damages due to health issues, which causes the release of the new regulation.

The new regulation that is brought in pertains to everyone after they reach age 65 if indeed they desire to renew their traveling licenses and continue driving a vehicle in Dubai, and it insists that medical screening process is currently required at RTA-approved treatment centers and hospitals. 

Anyone who does not undergo medical screening process won't have their traveling license renewed, which pertains to both UAE nationals and expats. 

Will you be still fit to operate a vehicle over the age of 65?

Jamal Assada said that the benefits of the new effort arose from the RTA's desire to attain the very highest safety levels on roads consistent with international laws.

The medical screening process includes various tests for drivers aged 65 and over and was created to focus on any conditions or diseases that may hinder someone's driving capacity up to the level that they could present a threat to other motorists.

The tests will probably check out conditions that may affect someone's ability to evidently see the highway ahead or that could lead to lapses inattentiveness. Individuals who have suffered from strokes or show indicators of dementia will go through more rigorous exams.

New License Renewal for the Elderly

As well as the new medical screening process, it's been declared that the validity of any renewed traveling license for those over 65 will be for a term of just 3 years, as opposed to the current a decade.

An online website link will discover all the treatment centers and hospitals which may have been approved by the RTA in order to gain access to the licensing system and assess the condition of license renewal.

Still traveling at age group 65? This test is now essential in Dubai

The RTA is producing medical testing strategies for motorists aged 65 and above who want to renew their driver's licenses. Jamal Assada, Drivers Licensing Director at RTA's, said:"The test is supposed to validate if motorists are clear of diseases that could impact their driving a car skills to the degree of posing hazards to motorists,".

"Introducing the fitness and medical test as a mandatory precondition for the renewal of drivers licenses shows RTA's dedication to the lifespan of motorists, pedestrians, and vehicles." 
You can easily access the Call Center if the RTA Licensing agency at 8009090, download their App for details on your smartphone or other devices, or visit their website. 

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