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Ultimate Checklist Guide for International Travelers

If you are planning your international trip to Dubai or anywhere in the UAE, then you must make sure that you have all your things aligned. It is better to be prepared with a checklist of things you must carry on your trip without fail. Having a checklist will help with staying ahead of time and not ruining your day due to lack of documents, as when you are excited with your plans to travel you may skip important things to carry. This checklist will come in handy if you want hourly car rental in Dubai which will make your navigation through the city very well or any other activity. Here is a list of things which you must not forget while on your international trip.

Travel Proposals

The foremost thing to carry on your travel is your plan of doing things and the destination you wish to visit. Without a plan of action, it might be difficult to decide your mode of transportation. In Dubai, you need to have your travel sorted as travelling by cab will be a hole in your budget.


When travelling abroad you need to have your passport and visa in your hand, without this an individual cannot leave his country in the first place. You must also carry your driving license with you in case you want to rent a car in Dubai on arrival.


You must not forget medicines to carry. When you are travelling to an international country you don’t know what kind of infection you will be exposed to. Also, in different countries, different medications are available, which you cannot use if it will suit your body. Hence, it is recommended to carry your own tablets while travelling.


Make sure your currency for the trip is sorted before you go on the trip. Money is an essential part of life when you are in another part of the country. Yes, you may use credit cards and debit cards for your purchases, but it is good to have cash in hand to avoid unnecessary charges on the card. You must make sure that your bank is aware of you travelling or else they might block your card under suspicious activity as the location will be out of radius for them.

International Plans

Your phone is important for you to connect with the world and your loved ones. The phone also helps you with locations in an unknown country. It also aids in ordering food online and checking out local destinations near to you. An individual may also help you book a cheap car rental at Dubai airport terminal 1. For all this, you must switch on to your international calling and data plan in advance to avoid inconvenience.