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Useful Guide to Steer Clear From Fraudulent Car Rental Promotions

Every for-profit business seeks to make as much profit as it can. Businesses that rent out cars in Dubai can employ fraudulent ways to charge exorbitant prices for their services without clients knowing. Such can sometimes lead to clients feeling shortchanged as not reading the fine print can lead them to be overcharged for some services. There are various ways such companies employ to ensure they can squeeze all the money they can get from a single rental service. To protect themselves from such fraudulent people, one needs to be keen and make sure one looks out for several indicators that might indicate a fraudulent deal. If possible, one should ask questions and ensure they sign an agreement once they feel comfortable with the agreement. Below our experts at Speedy Drive Car Rental, one of the best rental cars companies in Dubai bring you a few helpful tips to detect such scams.


Businesses offering car rental services might require clients to pay extremely high insurance prices. If a company offers insurance that is higher than normal insurance, then one should be cautious in agreeing with them about a rental service. Furthermore, if the client uses a credit card to pay, then they might already be insured. Before agreeing to terms about renting a car and insurance charges, one should check to ensure they are not overcharged for something they might already have.

Return Policy

When a client enters an agreement with a rental car, they would usually indicate when the car should be returned. However, businesses might opt to omit the time the car should be returned in the fine print meaning that if the car was returned at 9 am, then the business could claim that they should have returned the car before eight and, in so doing, be able to charge extra charges to the client. Clients should be careful and insist on knowing the time the car should be returned.

Fuel Charges

When a client receives a car, it is normally fully fueled. When the client does return the car, then the car might not be fully fueled. Some businesses might take advantage of this and charge extra money for not having the car fueled. The charges they add would amount to a sum greater than that incurred in fueling the car normally. These tactics can lead to clients incurring many charges, especially since they have to drive the car to the location where they picked it up.

Mileage Charges

When renting out a car, one is usually informed that the car does not have a mileage limit, and as such, clients perceive this to mean they can drive as far and wide as they desire. However, at times businesses do set limits for mileages incurred outside the state or certain regions. Once a user travels beyond this point, then they are charged extra for exceeding the mileage limit. Businesses try to find ingenious ways of making sure the client pays unfair charges, and as such, clients should be vigilant and properly read the fine print before signing any agreement.

Avoiding Of Hidden Charges And Fees

Hidden Charges

Businesses might take advantage of the fact that people who seek to rent out a car in a foreign country might not be accustomed to some of the regulations. The business might add hidden charges to the agreement or even force things like road insurance to users when they decide to upgrade their car. Clients normally do not have the time to go through everything they are being charged. However, it might be prudent to ensure that one is not overcharged for things that the client did not agree to.