Ways to Avoid traffic Fines on Roads of Dubai

Statistics uncovered by Dubai Authorities show that 90 individuals were dead and 1,287 others hurt in major traffic calamity between January and Sept 2017. Driving past a traffic crash is sadly common in the UAE. The traffic can also get a whole lot worse when the individuals mixed up in minor accidents opt to stay in the center of the street and continue steadily to prevent traffic while they await the traffic police force to arrive. There are several things which people do as a norm, but actually, they are against the traffic laws of Dubai and result in hefty fines. To prevent you losing your money, Speedy provide you the ways to avoid traffic fines on roads of Dubai.

Don't Pass a Red Light

In the event the red light means stop, all motorists should stop. Alas, that's not always the situation and a collision within an intersection can quickly leave fatalities. The traveling laws and regulations of the UAE state that anyone who moves the vehicle when the traffic light is red will have to submit a fine of 1,000 AED, have their vehicle confiscated for thirty days. They will receive 12 points on the license and receive 12 points on the license. However, this is actually the very best situation. In some parts of the town, passing a red light and triggering a major accident with the tram can result in fines up to 30,000 AED plus several other serious consequences.

Don't Check Out Your Mobile

Dubai is a city with a whole lot of traffic and people are busy going to their destination. During peak time, a commute that would normally take 15 minutes may take so long as more than an hour. Therefore, while relaxing in traffic, taking a look at the telephone and seeing what folks have been up to on Instagram can be quite attractive. However, this small act of rebellion against strict traffic laws and regulations of Dubai can result in a hefty fine of 800 AED and four points over a license. It's easier to just wait to access the hotel before going for a selfie.

Don't Drink Alcohol and Drive

This would look like a clear one - but several expats and tourist still choose to seize a glass or two before getting when driving. Dubai has a zero tolerance for anyone driving while impaired senses and offenders of the rule can enter some serious trouble. Sipping alcohol and driving can result in a fine of up to 20,000 AED, 23 points and the automobile being confiscated for sixty days. However, that isn't all. Those found driving while impaired will receive prison time to be chosen in court.

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