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Three Grave Traffic Offences that Carry Hefty Fines in Dubai

It is well known that Dubai has some of the most stringent traffic laws in the world. The irony is that still there are many who continue to violate these strict rules and regulations. Having noticed this, the authorities in Dubai have imposed hefty fines on various traffic offences.

Among them, there are some that carry really hefty fines. We will look at 3 such grave traffic offences in this article. The aim is to apprise you of such fines so that you are cautious and do not indulge in reckless behaviour which could make you privy towards paying these hefty fines.

Drinking and Driving

This is perhaps the harshest law in Dubai and yet a lot of folks choose to violate it. We emphasize on this in unequivocal terms – do NOT drink and drive in Dubai under any circumstances. There is absolute zero tolerance in Dubai for such behaviour and you could face some really serious fines – as much as 20,000 AED.

You will also be levied with 23 black points on your driving license. If that is not enough – and your level of intoxication is found to be considerably high, then you could face jail time as well, the duration of which will be determined by the courts.

Using your Mobile while Driving

In many parts of the world, folks tend to consider using the mobile while driving as normal behaviour – and then they come to Dubai and presume things are the same here. Well, they are not! In Dubai, you can end up paying a hefty 800 AED fine if you are caught using your mobile phone while driving. You could also lose 4 points on your driving license.

Sure, emergencies can arise whereby sometimes mobile usage becomes essential. For that, we recommend pulling over as soon as possible and then using your mobile. Moreover, today’s latest cars have sound technology such that you can use your phone completely hands free. That status update on social media sure can wait though!

Jumping a Red Light

Another grave offense, this one carries a fine of 1,000 AED and also leads to having one’s vehicle confiscated for a month. 12 points are also taken off one’s driving license. In case one jumps a red light which in turn leads to a serious accident, then the consequences are really severe – a 30,000 AED fine with an entire barrage of other consequences.


In Dubai, it (literally!) pays off adhering to traffic laws. At Speedy Drive, we always encourage our customers to know the traffic rules in Dubai and abide by them unwaveringly.