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Which is the Better Rental Option – Compact Car or Mid-Sized Car?

Rental cars are certainly boon for anyone in need of an affordable and hassle-free mode of transport in Dubai. Not only is it one of the best economic decisions you can make, but it will also help to make your journey convenient and enjoyable.

However, the most difficult decision to make while renting a car is choosing from the different sizes and types available. How to know which rental car option will prove to be the best fit for you? Let’s have a look.

What is The Difference between a Compact Car and Mid-Sized Cars?

A compact car, also known as an economy or small-sized vehicle, can easily accommodate two to four people comfortably. It comes with two to four car doors and sufficient baggage space to keep two medium-sized suitcases (12 to 14 cubic feet of luggage space). The compact cars have the lowest rental rates and provide excellent gas mileage because of their size. They work on automatic transmission and are the best choice for nuclear families.

On the other hand, mid-sized cars are larger than compact cars. They are also known by names such as intermediate and standard cars. These cars can comfortably accommodate up to five people at a time. They also provide you with a more significant luggage space when compared to compact cars. However, they are expensive in terms of rental rates because of gas mileage. As the size of the car increases, the gas mileage decreases. They are the ideal choice if you are traveling as a group.

So, the difference between the two lies in their size and capacity.

Which is The Better Rental Option?

To ascertain which one is the better rental option between the two, various factors have to be taken into consideration. Some of these include the purpose for which you will be using the monthly rental car, the number of people who'll be riding with you, the terrain you are going to drive the vehicle on, the luggage space you need in the car, the duration of time that you will spend in the car, the rental rate you can afford and so on.

Once you get the answers to all of these, it will become easier for you to decide. Both of these types of car are fuel-efficient and won’t prove to be burden on your pocket. However, it all depends on the brand of the vehicle you prefer to hire. Here are some of the other ways to cut the costs while hiring a car.

  • By paying your rental fee upfront, you can save a lot of money. This is because paying in advance allows you to receive specific discounts by the rental car company.
  • Not opting for rental car insurance is another way to cut costs. Always ask for the breakup of all the costs involved in the final due amount.