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Why Renting an SUV in Dubai Makes Perfect Sense

While car rental options are plentiful in Dubai, SUVs in particular find prominence across car rental agencies in the city. Clearly, it makes perfect sense to rent an SUV in Dubai. Below we list the top five reasons for that.


The variety of SUVs to rent in Dubai is simply outstanding. Practically nowhere else in the world you are likely to find the kind of variety that you will in Dubai. From ultra-luxurious to modest and down to Earth SUVs, you will find them all in Dubai. Who would want to miss out?


Rental rates for cars are fairly affordable in Dubai with SUVs being no exception. The same SUV in other parts of the world is likely to cost you much more to rent. This alone proves to be a major incentive for renting an SUV in Dubai.

Ideal for Groups

Holidaymakers and many other travelers in Dubai tend to be in large groups. Small hatchbacks and even midsize sedans will leave them cramped, or worse, won’t fit them at all! For this reason, too, SUVs prove to be the perfect bet in Dubai.

Reasonable Fuel Cost in Dubai

SUVs are known to be gas guzzlers. A lot of folks shy away from owning them, simply because they consume a lot of fuel. In Dubai though, given the fairly reasonable cost of fuel in the city, most folks don’t hesitate to go in for SUVs. This same factor extends to the rental car market as well; since fuel costs won’t be that high, the incentive to opt for an SUV is significant.


Comfort on its own is a major reason for choosing an SUV while considering rental car options. Most other cars simply fail to provide the same level of comfort and luxury that SUVs do. This factor, combined with the “Variety” aspect that we mentioned right in the beginning, makes SUVs a compelling choice when it comes to renting cars in Dubai.


While rental car choices in Dubai are plentiful, SUVs prove to be top draw in the city’s rental car market. There are many compelling reasons for that as listed above, including the variety of SUVs on offer in the city, relatively low cost of fuel in Dubai, etc.

At Speedy Drive Car Rental, we pride ourselves on offering a variety of SUVs for hire. No matter which SUV you may be keen on renting, you are more than likely to easily find it with us, that too at very reasonable rates.