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Four Reasons to Consider Long Term Car Rentals

Car rentals – whether in Dubai or anywhere else in the world, prove to be cost effective when they are undertaken for longer periods of time. Otherwise, daily rates tend to apply in case of short terms rentals while with long term rentals; the rental costs prove to be a lot lower. Let’s look at other reasons for considering long term car rentals as well.

With long term car rentals, you have assured mental peace for the entire duration of your trip. Let’s say you are on a 3-month official, business trip to Dubai. Having a car rented out for that entire period will offer unquestionable quietude to you at all times.

Non-Reliance on Public Transport

While public transport in and around Dubai is very good, it can be erratic and unreliable at times. Moreover, you will not get end to end transport on this mode; last mile connectivity is invariably an issue. With your own car rented out for a long term, you need not have any such concerns.

Perennially Hot Weather in Dubai

The weather in Dubai is unfortunately unpalatable for much of the year. Switching between multiple modes of transport is a challenging ordeal, especially when you are going to be in Dubai for a longer period of time. A car rented out for a longer period of time will prove to be a far more feasible option.

Traveling Together with Friends and Family

With a rental car available at your disposal at all times, you can easily travel with friends and family any time you want. Even if you are otherwise by yourself, there is every chance that friends and family will be visiting. For all such occasions, having a rental car at your disposal at all times proves to be a very effective solution for traveling together.

The Cost Aspect – of Course!

We simply cannot deny the cost aspect! Monthly or longer car rental terms are a lot cheaper than short term daily or weekly ones. Moreover, another aspect often not realized by many folks is that larger groups save a lot when traveling together in a SUV rental car as opposed to various forms of public transport where you have to pay for each individual; for example, the Dubai Metro where you have to shell out money for each traveling individual.


Long term car rental options really work out very well. At Speedy Drive Car Rental, we are proud of offering you a wide range of cars on long term rental basis, at really favourable terms.