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Why You Shouldn't Let Your Kids Eat While You Are Driving

Research shows that many children fall prey to road accidents, but more than that, children lose their lives when they choke on food. This is especially common between children aged 1 to 3 years. It is highly recommended not to provide them with food especially while driving. Most rental car companies in Dubai complain that their cars are messy when returned, especially when the owner has children traveling in them. Cleaning these cars is expensive, and a lot of damage is done to the car floor and seat covers.

Apart from a messy car with all the food particles and crumbs, it is pretty dangerous to let your child munch on food items while you drive. We all understand that children can be a bit impatient when they are made to sit in one place. It is especially when they are in the car. Watching them and their behavior gets challenging since your mind is on the road. Most parents think giving them food to eat while munching is the safest and best way to drive in peace. But that's not the proper way. Most children are left choking on nuts, meat, even biscuits while driving. If you don't want to mess with your car, it is best to rent a car in Dubai and enjoy a pleasant drive. However, ensure you don't give food to your child while driving.

Creates a Mess in the Car

Have you ever felt embarrassed when you have taken the car for a wash? or when someone sits in your car? Well, the crumbs lying all over the car floor can be disgusting and unhygienic for your children too. Parents can be tempted to give food to their children while they drive. But the mess that is created in the car is unimaginable. Leftover crumbs or skilled juice can be challenging to remove and stain the vehicle. The simple solution to this problem is not to give food while driving. Parents can either let their children eat before or after the journey.

Motion Sickness

During the early years of childhood, most children experience motion sickness when traveling in the car. It happens especially when they have eaten their meal or had it while in the moving car. If your child chokes on the food, it is difficult to pull over and attend to the child. Hence it is best not to give food to your child while driving.

Creates a Distraction

Imagine children fighting over candies and food items at the back of your car. It can get a bit irritating while you're concentrating on the busy road ahead. To avoid such distractions that can lead to road mishaps, you should avoid giving any food treats to them. Children are unpredictable and always want to imitate their elders. So if you have an older child and a younger one, then there is a possibility that both will start a fight over the candy you gave them before starting your car.

What You Can Do

  1. Play some music that interests the children, like nursery rhymes or action songs. Sometimes even playing slow songs can calm the busy mind of a child.
  2. If you have to give treats to your child while you're driving, then stick to sharing them in sippy cups or safety pouches.
  3. Give them a book and a paper to scribble while you're driving.


The safety of your child must be your priority. Parents must avoid giving food while driving for all the reasons mentioned above. If you rent a car from Dubai car rental companies ensure you follow the same protocol and say no to food while driving.