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Women or Men – the Better Driver

One of the most controversial arguments globally is about the driving skills of men and women in comparison. A recent study in Dubai has shown that women are better at driving than men. In 2019, there were 66.6% fewer fatal accidents involving women drivers than in 2018. In contrast, men are proven to be notorious for being much more aggressive at driving than women. Men are quite well-known for their careless behaviour, their passion for pulling a stunt, and most importantly, their need for speed. At the same time, women tend to drive at a controlled speed and avoid tailgating, unlike men.

The growing culture of renting cars amongst the majority of the population since car rental Dubai tends to be more cost-effective has made the authorities and several Dubai monthly car rental companies concerned about these statistics. Thus, they highly encourage and promote road safety. Following are some of the factors leading to these concerns.

Accidents and Tailgating

The number of automobile accidents involving women was lower than that of men in 2020. Accidents are mostly correlated to speed and tailgating. Compared to men at 46%, only 33% of female drivers tailgate mostly when running late. Last year's statistics indicated a 4% drop in women involving accidents within a six-month period. There's an eight-point difference in scores between the male and female drivers of UAE in the last five years.

Driving and Indicator Use

Road deaths in the UAE are primarily caused by drivers who do not use indicators, which leads to lane swerving. Women use their indicators at a ratio of 71 to 65 per cent while changing lanes, exiting, merging onto highways, and turning at intersections. The chances of women experiencing road rage are also comparatively lower than those of men.

Seat Belt

A seat belt keeps you safe from any mishaps that may occur from distracted, impaired, and aggressive drivers. Women are more cautious about their personal safety and responsible for road safety; thus, they wear seat belts while driving. On the other hand, most of the male population avoid or forget to wear belts while driving. In an accident, if you are completely ejected from your vehicle, it mostly results in death on-spot. Therefore, you need to buckle up before you drive.

Smartphones and Speeding

One of the leading causes of accidents is aggressive texting or being on a call. Compared to males, the use of smartphones or gadgets in the car for communication is less in female drivers.

To Conclude

The authorities in Dubai are pretty tough on making sure that the citizens abide by the road safety rules and regulations; however, the personal responsibility of one's safety highly depends on self. As the statistics show, women clearly are more cautious and responsible while driving in Dubai.