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Shaw Mathews

A particular thank you to the Speedy Drive staff for a kind, accommodating, and quick automobile rental. I'll come back for more rentals in the future.

Tony Matthew

I had been hiring cars from a different service until last month. But, I was forced to look for a replacement after noticing multiple technical issues and waiting for a response from customer service. Their incredibly low prices were the main attraction that brought me to Speedy Drive Car Rental. During this epidemic, I was able to hire my desired car at the best price, saving me every penny—and giving the attentive team extra credit for their prompt response.

Ria Dsouza

I genuinely recommend Speedy Drive Car Rental as they are excellent at their work. When they say customer satisfaction, they mean it, as I was never left with any issues or even minor queries about the vehicle and the overall car rental process. My prolonged experience with them has been consistently excellent and comfortable. Their prompt, friendly assistance to all my problems helped me have a very convenient experience.

Lucy James

My tour to Dubai would have never been so fantastic without Speedy Drive Car Rental. I had rented a car from them during my memorable solo trip to Dubai. Being a tourist first time in Dubai, I was worried about getting a rented vehicle in this city. However, as their name suggests, they were very speedy in executing the process with minimal documentation. I had a hassle-free car rental experience at a highly affordable rate.

Theo Holmes

Due to the pandemic, I have switched from using public transport to renting cars as it offers me peace of mind and prevents direct contact with people. I have been a regular customer at Speedy Drive Car Rental and would like to point out that the staff has always been polite and friendly yet very professional. Perhaps one of the main reasons why I haven’t moved to another car rental. I would also like to mention the no hidden charges policy, which allows me to understand all the charges covered. This way, I’m able to prepare my budget better. 

Emily Jones

I want to extend my gratitude to the team at Speedy Drive Car Rental. I recently rented a car with them and had faced a slight issue with the vehicle, so immediately called for assistance. The team was very prompt and professional and certainly surpassed my expectations by delivering efficient solutions. They immediately provided me with a substitute vehicle and made arrangements to pick-up my current car. I must add that it was awe-inspiring as I have rented from different companies but had always faced an issue with a delayed response by the team.

Ananya Thakkar

It was my first time renting a car in Dubai, and I must say the overall experience was very impressive. The staff didn’t only help me find a car that matched my requirements and budget but also guided me through the process. They were accommodating and friendly and assisted me at every stage. They have a variety to choose from, so you are bound to find one that matches your mobility needs. The process is straightforward and hassle-free, where they require a minimum set of documents.

Peter Yardley

Good work guys! Would recommend :) 


Best car rental company in Dubai. i have been renting with speedy drive since past 4 months and never had any issues. they are always responsive to all my complaints and they promptly accomodate my request. specially when it requires Lube Service. Thumbs up! cheers


I want to thank Speedy Drive for being the most amazing car rental i have dealt with in Dubai. Not only have they been so flexible with all the demands myself and my husband made, they accommodated our timetables with deliveries of vehicles, came and swapped cars immediately if there were any issues and everything was done with a smile. Shodan in particular in the main office was super helpful and frequently dealt with the accounts team for me so i did not have any extra stress. I will always come back as i know they are so reliable. Excellent and amazing service! Thank you Speedy Drive

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