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What is the policy on off-road driving?

Off-road use is a violation of the rental agreement and is not allowed.

What happens if I return the car late?

An Additional day charge is applied

What kind of driver’s license is required to drive in the UAE and does it have to be an International License?

1. For UAE Resident Visa Holders: A valid UAE Driving License. 2. For Visitors (on visit/transit visa) from GCC Countries: A valid GCC country driving license. 3. For visitors from all other countries other than GCC countries (on visit/transit) a valid international driving license.

Is parking available and are there any procedures?

Parking in UAE is readily available. Parking along the road side is paid parking with parking meter installed all over UAE.

What should I do when my vehicle needs servicing and maintenance?

Please inform Speedy drive or use the Book A Service feature from our website to arrange an appointment with one of our customer service representatives. We will book your vehicle in for service and arrange a replacement vehicle.

What should I do if I receive a traffic offence/parking notice?

All fines or offences related to all Speedy Drive vehicles are processed by our team and subsequent notification and costs are invoiced to the customer.

What is your policy on traffic violations?

Drivers are expected to abide with the traffic rules and regulations. For every traffic fine incurred you will be charged a nominal fee to cover administration charges.

What is your policy on Hit & Run?

In case the renter meets an accident and is booked by police under a hit and run report, irrespective of being culpable for his offence, he has to pay Speedy Drive the full amount of insurance excess listed on the Vehicle Hire Agreement. But in case the client wants to go for SDW the clause does not apply. However, in all cases. A police report is a must.

What should I do if my vehicle is stolen?

Report the theft to the police immediately, obtain a copy of the police report and then notify Speedy Drive immediately.

What must I do in the event of an accident?

In the unfortunate circumstances of an accident or damage to the vehicle, you must notify the police immediately. A police report is mandatory in such cases otherwise you will be held responsible for the entire cost of damage on the vehicle.



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