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Weekend Guide – Road Trip Through UAE’s Hidden Gems

The UAE is considered the most magical world as far as the beauty of the cities is concerned. Everything grabs your attention as you enter the country, and you find yourself surrounded by mystical vibes. The country celebrates itself for experiencing the maximum number of tourists visiting various places to get good exposure to what the cities offer. People often take road trips while they visit these places. But ideally, people rent a car in Dubai since they don't have their vehicles to drive around. Hence car rental in Dubai assist you with the kind of vehicle required to explore the world's enchanting cities. With the increased number of tourists, this region's tourism will expand in the coming years. Here is a guide to help you discover the hidden gems of the UAE

The Tombs of Jebel Hafeet in Al Ain

A cluster of tombs that look like an Igloo is considered an ancient burial ground in Abu Dhabi. You are likely to find more than 500 tombs here, and the fact is that some of the tombs are still said to have skeletal remains of the ancient people buried in them. Through the Jebel Hafeet mountain and with excellent roads, the drive to these tombs is adventurous.

Gazelles at the Al Marmoom Reserve

The place is UAE's first unfenced nature conservation reserve. Visiting this place will give you the broadest exposure to the diverse species of desert animals, and it is one of Dubai's most pleasing ways to help you experience its flora and fauna. If you wish to have a weekend reserve safari, this is the right place to explore and take back fond memories of the animal life at the Al Marmoom Reserve.

The Ruins of Jazirat Al Hamra

Jazirat Al Hamra is the famous gem of Ras Al Khaimah. When the city was once flourishing, it was popularly known for its pearl diving. The fact about the place is that it was abandoned in the 1930s; this city now consists of ruins and narrow muddy roads. Driving around to find this city is hassle-free and quite enchanting since the town lies just 12 miles from the central town of Ras Al Khaimah.    

The Al Hayl Fort

Situated in Wadi Hayl to the west of Fujairah, the fort was constructed in 1932 by Sheikh Abdullah Bin Hamdan Al sharqi. It is considered to be one of the finest and well-preserved forts and residences. With a countryside feel, the drive gives you an incredible experience altogether.

The Bin Sultan Mosque at Masfout

Built-in 1915, the structure is known to be the oldest part of the city. The canopy-like date palm leaves are woven together to form the mosque's roof, which is unique. The mosque is approximately a 90 minutes’ drive from the main central town, Ajman. Like many other traditional constructions in the UAE, the mosque was constructed using locally accessible materials at the time.