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What are the Age-Related Requirements to Rent a Car?

Are you planning for a short weekend getaway or an extended road trip? By opting for a car rent, you can enjoy numerous benefits, both in terms of comfort and cost-effectiveness. Widely recognized as one of the premier car rental agencies in the UAE, we here at Speedy Drive Car Rental specialize in providing our clients with an expansive selection of rental cars for some of the lowest prices in the market. While the overall process of renting a car is easy, there are specific requirements that every hirer needs to fulfill.

Apart from a valid driver’s license and other necessary documentation, such as a visa (if you are a tourist in the country), all car hirers are required to fulfill specific age requirements/restrictions. In the UAE, most car rental agencies prefer to only rent out to their vehicles to hirers who are at least 22 years of age. Additionally, some agencies only provide partial insurance coverage to hirers between the age of 22 and 25. In this write-up, we’ll be looking at similar car hire age restrictions from around the globe, so that you are not caught off-guard while on vacation:

Minimum Age to Rent a Car

In certain countries, you are allowed to rent a car from the age of 18 itself. However, in such cases, the rental agency might levy a fee known as a young driver fee and also limit the choice of vehicles you can hire. If you are over the age of 25 and do have other necessary documentation, such as a driver’s license, then you will not have to worry about any age-related restrictions.

Maximum Age to Rent a Car

Till not too long ago, a upper age limit to rent a car did not exist. However, it is now a thing as car rental agencies seek to reduce the risks associated with older drivers in traffic and thereby avoid any unfortunate incidents. UAE currently does not have any maximum age restrictions, but an average across the globe is 75 years. Additionally, similar to the young driver fee, rental agencies may ask senior citizens to pay more, if they wish to rent from them. At Speedy Drive Car Rental, we do not have any such restrictions in place.

UAE Does not Have Any Maximum Age Restrictions

Additional Information You Need to Know

  • While every country has a minimum age requirement to hire a car, the specific limit is dependent on the individual car hire company.
  • Read the terms and conditions that come with your car rental contract to understand the specific factors related to hiring a car as a young or senior driver.
  • If you are below the age of 25 and require comprehensive insurance, depending on your specific car rental agency, you might have to pay extra for the same.
  • Most rental agencies will only offer young drivers a choice between economy and compact car categories when they are looking to rent a car.

If you are someone who is less than 25 years of age but would like to rent a car in Dubai, get in touch with the Speedy Car Rental team today!