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What If I Return My Rented Car Early Or Late?

Sometimes, even the well-planned trips and journeys may often go out of track and need you to make some quick last-minute changes to various service requirements such as flights, car rental, accommodation rooms, and more. Many-a-times, you might need to cut short your journey or need some more days of stay, which also means you will need to change the number of days you use the rented car. It is always better to be aware of the various repercussions these situations might have in dealing with a car rental agency.

As anyone will assume of getting any refund if the car is returned early before the scheduled deadline, this might not be the case. You might think that billing for the car rental service will only depend on the number of days you avail it for. However, the billing system includes and will rely upon a wide range of listed factors in the rental contract.

Know Your Rental Contract Terms

When you avail of a budget rent a car service in Dubai, you will need to sign and agree to a detailed contract that includes all the terms and conditions for availing of the service. Once you sign and accept these terms, it is important to abide by the mentioned rules and end of agreement terms, failing which will lead to some penalty and extra charges. If the contract terms are not followed by you, the rental company will change the base rate offered to you, which might imply paying more at the end.

You Might Lose Discount

Rental companies often offer attractive discounts and seasonal rates on car rental to get more customers. If you have availed of any such offers while renting a car and you change the return time, you may not be able to get the discounted pricing and incur higher charges. In case of a contract breach from your side, the rental company will also not be obliged to provide you with the promised rate or cost.

Change of Plan May Cause Change of Rate

Change of Plan May Cause Change of Rate

If the car is rented for a specific period, such as a week or month, the pricing of the same is done accordingly and included in the rental contract. On returning the car after the return deadline, the company will be able to levy penalty charges and other rates based on the number of days exceeded and other factors.

However, various reliable car rental companies will understand the situation by listening to the customer’s appeal and devise a fair solution that doesn’t cause much loss for anyone.