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What You Need to Know About International Driving Permit

Driving permits are useful documents that certify one is conversant with the rules and regulations enforced on the road. Different nations have different rules and regulations on how to drive. Some countries, like the UAE, drive on the left while others, such as the United States, drive on the right. Such disparities can cause some confusion when one tries to travel abroad. If one is looking to travel abroad and possibly rent out a car for their stay in that country, they might require an international driving permit. The document would help to certify that the person is well conversant with the road rules and regulations required in the current country.

Definition Of IDP

An international driving permit can be defined as a document that is issued by a country on the request of a foreign nation to ensure that the person visiting from abroad is well acquainted with the road requirements of the country they visit. The United Nations regulate the document via international agreements. Different nations have different requirements for this document. The requirement cans also vary depending on the country one comes from, as some countries might have similar road laws and regulations.

Getting An IDP Document

Requirements for obtaining an international driving permit can differ from one nation to another. However, one of the core requirements for getting the document in many countries is the possession of a local driving license from the nation one comes from. The permit indicates that the license holder is competent when driving on the road. If they do not already have a basic understanding of how cars are driven and road regulations, then they would not be able to be certified by the IDP document as being competent on the road.

What Countries Require An IDP?

The requirements of having an IDP document differ from one country to another. Places such as Canada do not require drivers from the U.S to have an IDP. However, in UAE, when applying for a rental car as a tourist, you must present your international driving permit to get started with the process.

Rent Requirements

When a person aspires to rent out a car overseas and drive independently, they will need to confirm if they require an IDP. Different renting companies have different policies regarding renting out their cars. There might be instances where having an IDP would not be mandatory, for example, when one aspires to rent out a car and hire a local driver. In any case, it is important to verify whether the company requires the document. As mentioned above, it is a mandatory document required by car rentals in Dubai, especially if you will be driving the vehicle.

Confirmation Of Your IDP


The validity of an international driving permit depends on the country issuing the document. Usually, the validity period is for a year. Irrespective of the duration of validity, normally, when the driving license has expired, the driver must renew their International driving permit.