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Ford Explorer 2017

The Explorer is the SUV that has sparked the buzz, and it's still a competitor, with a high-end interior that can accommodate seven years, has a high-tech mechanics and sturdy. This is the standard with front-wheel drive and a 290-hp V-6; the all-wheel drive is optional. Other engines include a 280 hp turbo and a 365 hp Twin Turbo V6. The V-6 also features a four-wheel drive sports model and sports suspension. While the Explorer offers a quiet cabin and a solid ride, it somehow seems bigger than it is.

While there are some outward differences between Platinum Explorers and Explorer Miners, which include details such as an egg cart frame, chrome mirror covers, and 15-spoke wheels, the Explorer main compartment separates itself from the herd with accessories. Eyebrows high like a group of 10-inch digital displays, padded leather seats, a leather-covered dashboard and real wood and aluminum accents on board, doors and steering wheel.

Platinum is the fastest and heftiest Explorer to run at our test system since the 2011 model introduced the unibody build for the current generation. Accelerate the boosted Platinum Eco Boost V-6 engine by 3.5 liters, which it shares with the more aggressive Explorer Sport style. With 365 hp and 350 lb-ft of torque, the engine delivers smooth, linear muscle with a six-speed automatic transmission that includes a pair of pallet-mounted paddles. The all-wheel drive is standard. Unlike the sport, the 20-inch wheels of the luxurious Platinum are packaged with Hankook tires for all seasons.

Additional Features Can Be Bought

  • Super Collision Damage Waiver
  • Child Safety Seat: For children (15-30kg, 33-66lb) (CST)
  • Baby Safety Seat: For children 1-4 years (13-25 kg, 20-50 lb)
  • Infant Safety Seat: For children (0-13kg, 0-29lb) (CSI)
  • Personal Accident Insurance
  • Collision Damage Waiver
  • Additional Driver
  • GPS satellite System
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 Car Features
Engine Size 3.5l
Bluetooth Yes
Cruise Control Yes
5 Seater Yes
7 Seater  Yes
Luggage 5
Navigation No
Reverse Camera Yes
Parking Sensors Yes/Optional
 Requirements for UAE Residents
Copy of Passport
Copy of Residential Visa
UAE Driving License
Copy of Emirates ID
 Requirements for Tourists
Copy of Passport
Copy of Visit Visa
Us, Canada, EU, GCC or international Driving License
  Rental Cost

4999 AED

4650 AED


1999 AED

1900 AED


380 AED

350 AED


Security Amount 2000
Security Type Card only
Payment Type Credit Card, Cash
24x7 Customer Support Yes
Free Delivery (30 Days and Above) Yes
Free Cancellation Yes
PAI Insurance Daily 5 AED (optional)
Unlimited Mileage No
Type SUV
PAI Insurance Monthly 60 AED (optional)
Mileage (Daily) 200 KM
Mileage (Weekly) 1400 KM
Mileage (Monthly) 4500 KM
SCDW (per month) 300