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Six Obvious Reasons to Rent a Car in Dubai Instead of Using Public Transport

While in Dubai, it clearly makes a lot of sense to rent a car. In fact this option overrides reliance on public transport in the city. We explain the reasons for that below.

Expensive and Inconvenient Taxis

The taxis in Dubai in fact work out to be quite expensive. This is especially true when you have multiple trips to make, whereby finding taxis each time proves to be quite an ordeal.

Limited Public Transport Coverage

If we look at buses as well as Dubai Metro, their coverage in the city is really limited. So for you to rely completely on these modes of travel would be especially very challenging.

Intense Hot Weather

The weather in Dubai is frightfully hot for much of the year. Even the so called ‘winter’ in Dubai is more like a milder version of the summer where, instead of being cold, it is ‘less hot’! Under such circumstances, chasing after public transport is actually quite difficult in the city.

Easy, Convenient and Affordable Car Rental Options

A major reason for forgoing public transport in favour of private car hire is the ease with which the latter can be rented in Dubai. There are many car rental firms across the city with a variety of cars, all offered at fairly reasonable prices.

Moreover, the renting process in Dubai is really convenient. Paperwork tends to be minimal and within no time at all, you are done with the formalities as far as hiring a car is concerned.

Leisurely Travel outside Dubai

Beyond the manifold attractions within Dubai, there are many places you can conveniently visit outside of Dubai as well – in a rental car, which will be very difficult to do, if you were to rely exclusively on public transport. Sharjah is a great place to visit, as is not just the city of Abu Dhabi but also various places within the huge Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Affordable Fuel

Fuel costs in Dubai are fairly reasonable as compared to many other parts of the world. The cost of fuel acts as a deterrent for many car hire prospects in other parts of the world but that need not be a concern in Dubai at all; you can fill up your gas tank without being concerned over fuel prices.


There are clearly a number of reasons for which renting a car scores over relying on public transport in Dubai. At Speedy Drive, we are delighted to offer you a wide range of cars to rent on really favourable terms.