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Three Key Questions to Ask Car Rental Agents in Dubai

While renting a car in Dubai, we recommend remaining alert and asking some important questions to your car rental agent as listed below.


You must be clear about the cost of renting a vehicle and do not hesitate to ask questions related to that. Remember that besides the basic rental fee, an entire barrage of costs is often added-on by rental agencies. This includes various kinds of insurance add-ons, some of which you may not even need!

To give you an example, many car renters in Dubai add on “off-road insurance” that accounts for risks associated with going off-roading in your rental car. If you have no plans of going off-roading in the first place, then you should not have to pay the fee for that.

Maintenance and Upkeep

Bear in mind that once you rent a vehicle, its maintenance and upkeep is your responsibility. Any damage that occurs to the car – you will be responsible for it. Pertinent questions to ask on this include the insurance cover that is provided on the vehicle and the kind of damages and risks that it covers. What happens if the car is stolen? To what extent, if any, will you be responsible? Likewise, in case there is damage to the vehicle, what will be your liability if any?

Alongside, the car rental company will also apprise you on some basic dos and don’ts. For instance, smoking inside the vehicle is likely to be forbidden – you should abide by that. There will be many other small aspects you will be expected to attend to; make sure you actually do so.


Every car rental agreement comes with some limitations. As a savvy car renter, you must inquire about these limitations and then abide by them. An appropriate example in this context would be a likely limitation on taking the vehicle you have rented outside the UAE. Many car renters would especially like to drive to Oman where places like Khasab have their own quaint charm and appeal. Are you allowed to take your rental vehicle outside of the UAE and into Oman? You must confirm this.

Another limitation imposed is that of drop-off date, place and time. Violations invariably lead to imposition of additional fees and charges, so make sure you abide by these limitations.


Some basic but important questions asked to your car rental agency can eventually lead to immense peace of mind. At Speedy Drive, we are very happy to answer any questions that you may have on the car rental process.