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Car Rental and Car-sharing Service in Dubai

Since the car rental service appeared in Dubai, the lack of personal transportation is no longer a problem. Classic rental involves daily billing, in which money is charged for each day of use. Carsharing, on the other hand, is ideal for short-term hiring with per-minute billing if you just need a vehicle for a short period. Let’s check out the features and what is better - budget car rental or car sharing.

Car Rental Features and Their Advantages

Car rental is indispensable if you require transportation for an extended period of time. This service is in high demand in the emirate and is frequently used by visitors heading to other regions or cities, business people who are here for a business meeting, or locals whose cars are undergoing repair or service. By renting a car from a reputed car rental company, you can organize a family vacation or an autonomous journey with a visit to picturesque locations or attraction points. Hiring the service will enable you to visit more places as it eliminates the issue of reliance on tour guides, time constraints, and public transportation schedules. The cost of renting a car depends upon the duration for which the car is hired, and its brand.

Most companies' main requirements for a rental car are a passport, driver’s license, emirates id, and an age of 22 years. Moreover, the rental companies carry out regular technical inspections and repairs of their vehicle fleet to ensure that the renter has a serviceable vehicle and a guarantee.

The major benefits of classic rental are:

  • good for long trips
  • it is possible to choose the brand of the vehicle
  • execution of a formal contract
  • confidence in the serviceability of the rented car
  • long-term and short-term hire service
  • free pick and up and drop-off service

Car Sharing Features and Their Advantages

Car sharing differs from regular car hire in that you can order transport even at night, without drawing up an agreement and communicating with managers. When placing an order, the company's employees do not impose strict conditions on the driving experience. The main thing is to have a driver's license. 

After receiving the necessary data about the person, the company will provide a car with a key in the ignition. The transport will be waiting for you in the parking lot. To unlock the car, you need to install a mobile application. After use, the user leaves the vehicle in the parking lot.

To use the car-sharing service, you must first download the application on your mobile. During registration, the client's personal data are indicated, and his bank card is linked for payment. After checking the card's balance and making sure there are enough funds, you can place an order. Payment will begin to accrue immediately after clicking the "Start" button. 

The major benefits of car sharing are:

  • the ability to get a car at any time of the day
  • no need to draw up a contract
  • you can use the service from the age of 18
  • payment is charged per minute
  • the point of receipt and delivery is located close to the customer

Which is Better to Choose?

When deciding what is more profitable, rent or car-sharing, you must consider all the major factors. For a long trip, a regular car rental is more reliable and profitable. On short trips, it is more convenient to opt for car sharing. It is a good alternative to a taxi or minibus.                              

However, with a car-sharing service, trips are not possible everywhere, but only in a specific area indicated by the operator. You can leave the car after use on the strictly specified streets of big cities and in the parking lots of shopping malls. Which, of course, is very inconvenient. In addition, local car-sharing companies set a daily rate, not a per-minute one, which reduces the advantages of carsharing as a mobility option for the client to almost nothing. 

Classic rental is a mobile service for independent travel to Dubai’s exquisite beaches and opulent resorts. Renting a car can be easily considered as an alternative to owning a car. A personal manager, technical diagnostics of the car after each rental, and round-the-clock technical assistance take the classic rental to a higher level of service.