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Top 5 Dangerous Roads in Dubai

It is unfortunate that reckless driving on the streets of Dubai continues to cause multiple accidents – including fatalities, each year. In spite of strict traffic laws including a virtually zero tolerance policy for driving while intoxicated, many accidents take place due to drivers being under the influence.

In this article, we list 5 Dubai roads that regularly witness multiple vehicular incidents. The aim of this article is to caution you so that you exercise additional restraint while driving on the roads mentioned below with your budget rent a car in Dubai.

Emirates Road

Unfortunately, Emirates Road maintains its unenviable position as the most dangerous road of Dubai, with the maximum number of fatalities on the streets of Dubai in the first half of 2017, occurring on this very road. We advise taking utmost precaution while driving on Emirates Road.

Mohammed bin Zayed Road

Statistics indicate Mohammed bin Zayed Road to be the second most dangerous road in Dubai, with the maximum number of accidents and fatalities, after Emirates Road. As with Emirates Road, we would advise that whenever you drive on Mohammed bin Zayed Road, you exercise that additional bit of caution and restraint.

Sheikh Zayed Road

Busy Sheikh Zayed Road is third on our list, as per the number of traffic incidents that have occurred on it. With so many pedestrians in the vicinity of Sheikh Zayed Road at all times, you especially need to be wary of jaywalkers who can emerge onto the road from just about nowhere!

Dubai Al-Ain Road

Also referred to as E 66 Road connecting Dubai with the interior city of Al Ain, the danger here lies in reckless drivers who tend to over speed on the highway. Needless to say, not only should you avoid over speeding under any conditions, it is recommended that you unequivocally give way to such vehicles while exercising restraint yourself.

Al Khail Road

Also referred to as E 44 Road, this is the road that leads from Dubai to the interior town of Hatta. The same road also eventually leads up to Oman. Many long-distance drivers ply this road. As a result, much of the reckless driving behavior referred to in case of Al-Ain Road above applies in this case as well. Therefore, similar caution and restraint is recommended in this case as well.


Some roads in Dubai are especially hazardous. At the same time, given their strategic importance, you simply cannot afford to avoid them. At Speedy Drive Car Rental, we always encourage our customers to exercise extreme caution while driving on the streets of Dubai with their rental or leased car, not only on the abovementioned roads but everywhere.