What to consider before renting car seats for your child

It requires a little more insight when planning a vacation or business trip with kids.  As a parent, the comfort and safety of the child come first.  The usual things we worry about are booking flights and reserving a hotel.   But what about the facilities offered by your car rental company?  Since quite a lot of traveling in and around Dubai is done by car, a majority of travelers are concerned about the wellbeing of their child and available car seats when renting a car.

Cars should have ISOFIX connectors

Many parents are familiar with ISOFIX, but for those of you who do not know about this terminology, let me give you a brief explanation.  Studies have shown that many children are involved in accidents when their car seats are not fitted properly.  To resolve this issue, international standards have been regulated to make fitting car seats as safe and easy as possible.  Most cars manufactured after 2004 have ISOFIX connectors.  While booking a car rental, make sure to consider the model of the car.  This will help you decide what kind of car seat you can use.   

Should I take my own car seat?

When considering the pros and cons of renting car seats, many think it is safer to use their own.  Being familiar with a product ensures satisfaction on both ends: you are sure about the safety features of the car seat and how to use it, and your child will be comfortable in a product that he uses often.  By using your own, you can save money and avoid rental charges.  Plus, there is always the fear that the car seat you want won’t be available.

Or should I rent a car seat?

A lot of equipment is required when travelling with children, especially if you have more than one young one.  It's not easy carrying around bulky car seats.  The idea is to make your trip as enjoyable as possible.  So, if you decide to travel light, you need not be bothered to bring along your child’s car seat.  For an additional cost, you can rent one depending on your requirements and the size of your child International safety regulations state that rear-facing seats are safest for children up to the age of 15 months.  For older children, up to the age of 12 or 135 cm tall, front-facing seats are advisable. 

Check everything carefully

Whether you bring your own car seat or rent one, make sure to choose a rent-a-car that provides ample space for your child’s car seat.  If you decide to rent one, check that it is the one you ordered.  Make sure that it is not damaged and that the adjustable harnesses work properly.  Double check to see that the seat has been fitted securely.  The middle seat is usually the best place.  Above all, don’t compromise on anything. Afterall, the comfort and safety of your young one mean more than anything else.

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