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Top 5 Places to Drive from Dubai in Your Rental Car

While Dubai is full of attractions that one can visit and experience within the city, there are a number of places in close proximity which are just as enjoyable. The very fact that you can comfortably drive to these places with a budget rental car make them an even more attractive proposition.


About 200 kilometers from Dubai, the drive till Khasab is an experience you will truly cherish. That is because the road runs right along the coastline with breath taking views all along the way. Once in Khasab, you will really enjoy the fjords there which are really akin to the ones in Norway. Recommended beaches in Khasab include Bassa Beach as well as Jebel Hareem.

Dibba, Fujairah

This is a part of the UAE which is renowned for its seaside activities that include snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, and of course good old swimming. The resplendent blue sea here is a sight in itself. Once in Dibba, don’t miss out on taking a leisurely boat ride!

Al Ain

A mere 120 kilometers drive from Dubai lays Al Ain, along the Omani border. The city is especially well-known for its impressive greenery. In Al Ain, you will also enjoy views of Jebel Hafeet, which happens to be the second highest mountain of the UAE. Once in Al Ain, you can enjoy visiting the Al Ain Zoo with its large collection of exotic animals, along with trips to the local museums and plentiful historical sites here.

Al Qudra Lake

A mere 30 minutes’ drive from Dubai is Al Qudra Lake which actually comprises of several manmade lakes. Besides exotic species of birds and fish, you can also spot deer basking in the glory of nature here. Al Qudra Lake makes for an ideal picnic spot for families and large groups. So if you are a big entourage traveling together, this is a trip you should especially consider, particularly since the driving time and distance from Dubai isn’t much.


The Emirate of Ajman maybe some distance away from Dubai but if that is not a concern, the drive till there will certainly be worth it, especially given the beautiful beaches of Ajman as well as the incredible sand dunes there, not commonly seen in other parts of the UAE.


There are an incredible number of places that you can easily drive to from Dubai. At Speedy Drive Car Rental, we are delighted to offer you a wide variety of cheap hatchback rental car options that you can choose from, for your memorable journey.