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Ensure Your Car Is in The Right Condition During Winter

In this article we cover some very useful pointers to help you maintain your rental car in Dubai during the cold season. Whether you are on a vacation or a business trip, it is vital for you to understand what needs to be done in order to ensure it functions at its optimum level. Weather certainly has a significant impact on how you maintain your vehicle, right from the tyres you choose, to the oil used and the precautions you take to avoid any malfunctioning. Now let’s understand the various methods of ensuring your car is mint condition during winters.

Check the Battery

While a reputed car rental company will have already performed this check, you can always do a second round of checking your rental car battery. As per a study conducted earlier, it was found that car batteries tend to lose their strength by significant amounts during the cold seasons. Weak batteries tend to be a common cause behind car breakdowns during the chilly season.

The Defrost Feature

In winters, fog tends to surround the windshield, which causes a blurry vision to drivers while driving. It occurs due to the condensation phenomenon. The car's defrosting system works here and keeps the fog out of the windshield so make sure you keep an eye on your car's defroster and have it tested at least once in the winter season to keep it running efficiently.

Check the Oil

The engine oil is your vehicle's lifeblood, and without it your engine would be literally grinding to a halt. It is not enough to have enough oil as oil tends to deteriorate over time. It then accumulates sludge and gunk which further obstructs internal pipes within the engine which can cause it to starve. This then might create a permanent damage to the engine. Now that’s the last thing you would want to happen to your rental car. If you notice any change or find a warning sign, its best if you inform the car rental company about it.

Your Car’s Lights

An important aspect when it comes to taking care of your rental car during winters is the maintenance of the lights of your car. As the sun sets earlier, and the visibility lowers, your headlights will be required, and as such, having them in working conditions is a must. Check that your lights are bright enough to tackle low visibility conditions. Another important point is to wipe off the moisture that tends to accumulate during the cold season. If you find that one of your lights has stopped working, immediately inform your car rental company.