How does Salik Work

In July, 2007 a toll road system that is fully electronic was launched in Dubai by the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority known as Salik which literally translates to Clear and Moving in Arabic. It is a toll system that comprised of 7 toll gates at various locations around Dubai.  The toll system follows the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Technology which in turn allows it to automatically recognize a car whenever it passes through a Salik toll gate at any of these seven locations. Every time a motorists passes from beneath these gates, their Salik Account is charged 4 AED as toll.

This is an extremely amazing and path breaking development in Dubai as now motorist are not required to stop at toll boths and manually pay tolls. All you are required to do is pass from beneath any of these toll gates and your account would be automatically charged. This is accomplished with the health of a Salik Prepaid Card that you are required to attach to your windshields. These Prepaid cards contain a small mechanism comprising of a Radio Frequency antenna and a central chip.

The Salik Toll gate locations and Charges

There are seven Salik toll gates in total, all over Dubai. These locations are as follows:

  1. Al Barsha: The popular residential community in west Dubai famous for its Mall of Emirates, and the Autodrome of Dubai. The toll fee here is 4 AED.
  2. Al Garhoud: One of the most prominent commercial and residential zones in Dubai and is the known for housing the head office of the emirates Group. The toll at Al Garhoud is 4 AED
  3. Al Maktoum International Airport: The toll at this gate is 4 AED, except between Thursday 10pm to Saturday 6am.
  4. Al Mamzar South and North: A locality in Dubai in the Deira Area. Known for housing the police headquarters, Al Gaz Mosque and Dubai Cultural and Scientific Association. The toll here is 4 AED. But if a motorist is passing crossing the north and south toll gates within an hour, travelling in the same direction, then only a single charge applies.    
  5. Al Safa: A very posh residential area housing the Chinese Consulate. The toll is 4 AED
  6. Airport Tunnel: a 1.5 km long tunnel beneath the Dubai International airport. The toll fee charges here is again 4 AED.

How Do They Do It?

You are required to purchase a Salik account which is a prepaid account and can be purchase at a fee of 100 AED. Once you acquire the prepaid card you will get a Salik Tag Sticker, linked directly to your Salik prepaid account, that must be attached to your car’s windshield. It is necessary to keep a check on the balance in your Salik account, because in case you fail to pay the Salik toll at any of the seven Salik toll gates, you can be levied a fine based on the completion of certain criteria. Now, everytime you pass beneath any of the seven Salik Toll gates, the sensors at the gate will identify the radio frequencies from the sticker and a charge is made to your Salik account. You are not required to stop or decrease your speed at any of the gates for it to operate as long as you are driving within the Normal Highway Speeds. 

And that is how Salik is making your life simpler in Dubai.

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