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What is Salik, How Does It Make Traveling Easier in Dubai?

Salik was launched in Dubai in 2007 by the Transport Authority in the city to ensure smoother vehicular movement. Salik comes from the Arabic word which literally implies clear and moving. A fully electronic and automated system, Salik uses RFID technology to identify vehicles and deduct the appropriate toll from them, each time they pass through any one of the 7 toll gates in the city where Salik has been put in place.

The toll amount each time is a nominal 4 AED. In place of manual collection of this toll which used to be cumbersome and took a lot of effort, this automated system has meant that vehicles can simply pass through without having to physically stop to pay toll.

Salik Toll Gate Locations

The 7 Salik Toll Gate locations are as follows:

  • Al Safa – the residential community that has the Chinese consulate
  • Al Maktoum International Airport
  • Al Barsha – West Dubai’s popular area with the Mall of Dubai among various other attractions
  • Al Garhoud – Another prominent Dubai location that has the Head Office of the Emirates Group
  • Airport Tunnel
  • Al Mamzar North
  • Al Mamzar South

With some exceptions, in almost all cases, you will be paying the same 4 AED toll. The exceptions are typically to do with the timing at which you travel or the frequency with which you make the to and fro journey between the same toll point.

How to Get a Salik Account

It is really easy to open a Salik account. You simply purchase a prepaid account which is priced at AED 100. This will get you a Salik tag sticker which you can conveniently attach onto the windshield of your vehicle – including a rental one from Speedy Drive Car Rental that you may have hired.

Using your Salik Account while Driving

The biggest convenience by far with your Salik account is the fact that you no longer need to stop at any of the toll gates that we mentioned above, to pay toll. As long as the Salik tag sticker is attached correctly on the windshield of your vehicle, the system will automatically recognize it and deduct the applicable toll.

What you do need to do though is to keep a lookout on the balance that you maintain on your Salik account; it must always be adequate to pay the applicable toll. Otherwise a fine may be levied, which you of course would want to avoid.


It has become a blessing to drive in Dubai thanks to the introduction of the Salik automated toll collection system. Now, you no longer need to stop and pay tolls manually.

And this remains true, even when you hire any of the numerous budget rental cars we have in our catalogue.