How to choose between an SUV and a Sedan for a rental car

Dubai is as expansive as it is Grand. Spread across an enormous 4110 square kilometers of Sandy land, this beautiful city in the Middle East is a business hub for people from all over the world. Dubai is also an extremely famous holiday destinations with amazing attractions to visit such as the Burj Khalifa, The Dubai Mall and just so much more. With an inflow of so many people in Dubai and considering that the heat is just unbearable at most times, traveling through public transportation systems can be a real hassle. Waiting for the public transport, reaching the Bus, Metro and Water Bus stations in the blazing heat and fighting the gigantic amount of people can be overwhelming.

But there is a solution to these issues. That solution is rental cars. You can rent any car as per your choice and preference and have a time of your life.

There are various benefits that renting a car can offer you these include the following:

Comfort: it is just easier to commute and just navigate across the city of Dubai with a car. You don’t have to wait for a transport to arrive, don’t have to sweat yourself to dehydration, and just enjoy the luxury of well maintained cars as you cruse through Dubai.

Freedom: Whether you are a visitor in Dubai, or a resident wanting a car for your family, or a business needing to pick up a guest from the airport, all of these needs can be easily managed with a rental car. You can just quickly rent a car that you like and whisk you guest straight to the comfort of your home or hotel.  

Economical: it is actually more economical to rent a car then just use public transport on a regular basis if you travel considerably.

So now that we know that renting a car in Dubai is the way to go. The next question is perhaps the most important.

Points to Consider While Choosing between a Sedan and an SUV

  1. The Purpose: The purpose of renting a car is most important and thus we shall talk about that first. Do you need the car for picking an important client or guest or may be want to make a grand entrance to an event, well in that case You need a sedan and a premium one at that. On the other hand road trips, family vacations trips and just fitting in a bulk of people for a joy ride requires renting an SUV.
  2. Comfort: This is a very important point right here. Do you elderly travelling with you? If yes then getting in and out of an SUV can be a real issue. On the contrary a large family may not be able to comfortable in a sedan due to cramped spaces.  Then again, SUV offer greater leg room and spacious interiors while sedans have a much comfortable sitting postures and experiences.
  3. Fuel Economy vs. Cargo Space: If you are thinking about economy then sedans are the clear winners in this category however when it comes to cargo space, you can compare anything with an SUV.            
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