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How to choose between an SUV and a Sedan for a rental car

Dubai’s extreme climate – especially its long and intense summers can make traveling through the large and expansive city a rather arduous task. Opting for public transport is no mean feat, given the difficulty one faces with last mile connectivity. Under such circumstances, renting a car proves to be the perfect solution.

Among the choices on offer, sedans and SUVs tend to dominate. But how does one choose among these? The tips listed in this article will help you with that.

Family/Travel Group Size

An obvious deciding factor would be the size of your family or that of your travel group. The larger it is, the more sense it will make to hire an SUV than a sedan. In case of really large groups or a really big family, it may even make sense to hire a minivan over an SUV.


Comfort plays a key role; while sedans and SUVs can both be quite comfortable, often we find SUVs to be more comfortable of the two. This is especially true if you are say a small or medium sized group of people but would like to have ample space for yourself as well as your belongings.


Budget of course plays a decisive factor in choosing between a sedan and an SUV. Typically, renting an SUV is likely to prove costlier than a sedan, but a lot depends on which sedan and SUV are you considering; a luxurious sedan would in fact be costlier to rent than a mid-range SUV. The key here is to strike a balance between comfort and amenities.


Many folks coming to Dubai to rent cars typically do not do so back home. So, for them it is a rare experience which they do not mind spending a little extra on, maybe even splurging on, if their budget allows.

The key factor here is appearance; with Dubai in general and our service in particular offering such a wide choice of budget cars to rent, many folks want to go all out for the pictures and memories they will have of their trip to Dubai, whether in a sedan or an SUV.

Ease of Driving and Experience

While a lot of folks are used to driving sedans, many are more comfortable and experienced with SUVs. So, this aspect also proves to be crucial when choosing between sedans and SUVs for your rental car in Dubai.


Many factors go into deciding between a sedan and an SUV rental car in Dubai. At Speedy Drive Car Rental we are proud to have an ample choice of vehicles between both sedans and SUVs (and more!) so feel free to pick and choose as per your preference, keeping in mind the tips we have listed.