Selecting the best car for a winter roadtrip

In modern times there is rampant competition in every walk of life and as such people are always stressed out. Therefore it is advised by doctors to distress by participating in activities that can help you relieve your stress. Such activities include watching Television, sports, going out with family and friends and going for a road trips.

Going on a Road Trip in UAE is perhaps an activity that requires a bit of planning in terms of destination, finances, and your mode of transportation. Not every one might have a great car for a road trip, as a great car for a winter road trip can be a little expensive to come by. However you can always rent a suitable road trip car packed with all the features that are required for a safe and enjoyable road trip. But what are these features that need to be kept in mind when renting a car for such purpose? 

Features of a Good Rented Car for a Winter Road Trip

In order to make such an endeavor a success, getting a good car plays a major role. A car suitable for a winter road trip must have a couple of features that are extremely important for a safe, entertaining and comfortable journey. These features include:

  • Adaptive Cruise Control:

The first and foremost feature that is an absolute necessity in a car suited for Winter Road trips is Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC). This technology makes uses of sensors and allows for a car to maintain an optimal speed and distance from the cars in front.  As soon as the car in front slows down and the optimal distance is changes the car automatically slows down in response. This is a great feature to have in a car when you are driving on expressways, as expressway driving can be dull for the driver and can cause a lapse of concentration, which is a very common phenomenon. 

  • Four Wheel Drive:

Four wheel drives are a must have in car for a Road trip, especially in winters as it provides additional traction and power. If your road trip takes you to a place where the driving conditions are fairly difficult such as steep hill climbs, rocks, snow or ice and any other such scenario where is especially challenging, then a car with four wheel drive can be especially handy.     

  • Fog Lamps:

Fog lamps are an essential requirement for a winter road trip as during winters, fog is but obvious. Consequently, it becomes quite difficult to drive during winter nights, especially on expressways and hilly roads as the visibility on the roads is quite limited.

  • Effective Climate Control system:

Winters road trips require for a car to have a great climate control system. The system should be powerful enough to stabilize the temperature inside the car, no matter what the temperature is outside. Even if it is freezing cold, the climate control system should be able to give you the temperature you need. 

Not everyone can afford a car with such features. But you can always rent a car that is loaded with such features, ensuring a great road trip for you this winter.

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