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Top 4 Features to Look for in Your Dubai Winter Road

Trip Vehicle

Road trips are especially enjoyable in Dubai and indeed the whole of UAE, given the excellent quality of roads and manageable traffic. At the same time, having the right vehicle with the right kind of features, especially for the winter season, can make a significant difference. In this article, we list out some of the features to look out for while choosing a cheap or luxury car rental in Dubai.

Four Wheel Drive Vehicle

On your winter road trip in Dubai, you will be better off on a four-wheel drive vehicle that will allow you to navigate all kinds of terrain with reasonable ease. Remember that across Dubai, especially once you get off the main roads and onto hilly surfaces, it will be tough to navigate in a regular front wheel drive vehicle, so a four-wheel drive one would be ideal.

Vehicle with Fog Lamps

During the winter season, fog can set in occasionally and hamper visibility. Therefore, to ensure safety at all times, it is really advisable that you rent a vehicle with fog lamps. Irrespective of whether there is fog or not ultimately, having a vehicle with fog lamps ensures much needed peace of mind.

Climate Control System

While Dubai is known for its hot weather, winters may see a dip in temperature. In fact, through the day you might see ebb and flow in the weather, with the temperature fluctuating reasonably. Under such circumstances, having a vehicle equipped with a climate control system makes a lot of difference so that you remain comfortable consistently.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive cruise control is another feature that we wholeheartedly recommend looking out for in the vehicle that you hire. Adaptive cruise control is essentially a feature that allows you to maintain optimal speed on your vehicle, while keeping in mind factors such as distance from other vehicles on other roads. Not only that, you can easily do all this with minimal manual intervention on your part. So, from a comfort and safety perspective, it makes complete sense to go in for a vehicle with adaptive cruise control.


Dubai road trips are always fun including during the mild winter season. Compared to conditions back home, where perhaps you have really harsh winter, the winter in Dubai is pleasant and enjoyable.

At the same time, it is always better to practice safety and exercise caution while on the road. Ensuring your rental vehicle has the features we have listed will make a big difference towards that end objective. Rest assured Speedy Drive Car Rental has an ample supply of fully-loaded vehicles in its repertoire for you to pick and choose from!